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Essential Coding Interview Questions Java Edition

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Ready for your next big step? This course contains the essential information needed to prepare you for successfully passing coding interviews!

Firstly, you will be introduced to the fundamental concepts which are becoming increasingly popular in the interviews conducted by software development companies, including giants such as Facebook and Google. 

By going through our training on pseudo-code, time and space notation, and many more topics you will enhance your knowledge on how algorithms work, how we compare them with each other and on what is expected from you in the interview itself. By testing your newly obtained knowledge with our carefully fine-tuned practical exercises, you will be able to gain a deep understanding of how to approach coding challenges and to outperform the expectations of your interviewer.

Each of the practical exercises is accompanied by automatic tests for your submission, and explanatory video on how to approach the challenge. To fully benefit from the course content, we recommend completing all the challenges from the easy, medium to the hard ones. We look forward to you being able to tackle our most challenging problems!

To increase your chances of getting your new dream job, we also included a bonus material. This material will give you tips on how to optimally approach the task of getting an interview, talking to recruiters and presenting yourself in the best light possible.

We believe that with this comprehensive guide you will be able to revolutionize your career.

Go forth and conquer!

You will learn

✓ Learn how to solve the most commonly asked coding questions by the likes of Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google
✓ Solve Easy to Hard Difficulty Problems using Data Structures and Algorithms
✓ Learn through hands-on practical java coding exercises and learn to solve problems quickly
✓ Be able to analyze the time complexity of various algorithms
✓ Overall, feel more confident and be prepared for your next coding interview


• Be able to program in Java and have at least a basic understanding of Object Oriented Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms

This course is for

• Java Developers preparing for coding interviews.
• Java Developers wanting to develop their skills.
• Software Developers preparing for coding interviews.
• Software Developers wanting to develop their skills.
• Software Engineers preparing for coding interviews.
• Software Engineers wanting to develop their skills.
Senior Software Engineer
Nathan Clarke is a driven entrepreneur and algorithm enthusiast, with more than 20 online certifications from institutions like Harvard University, University of San Diego, Microsoft, Amazon, among many others.

Through his rich experience from learning from giants of education and the best professionals in the field, he has developed a unique insight into the process of effective learning and teaching. Nathan has decided to share his vision to help people around the world, and enable them to develop the top skills for enhancing their career paths.

Nathan’s first-hand experience in online learning is strongly backed up by his successful career in software development. During years of commercial experience, Nathan has worked with a multitude of languages and technologies: Java, Python, C++, C#, JavaScript, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, IoT Devices, Genomics, and is dedicated to keeping his sight focused on the fast-moving cutting edge of technological progress.

Through his experience, Nathan has gained a special, deep understanding of the current job market and its needs, as he helped many people to make the full use of recruiters and top-valued teaching material in order for them to start their dream jobs.

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 9m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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