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Essential Angular Programming by Practical Project Samples

Mastering Angular 9 programming with various project samples. Full Stack with Node.JS, PHP, ASP.NET Core, Spring Boot
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Angular is a “huge” web framework to build a great modern web application. This bootcamp explores essential Angular programming with practical approach. Angular concept and program samples are provided in order to get more practices.
You will learn from basic TypeScript programming but you can skip this if you have knowledge of TypeScript. Learning essential Angular features is explored to accelerate your understanding of Angular development. Next, we build a full-stack web application that Angular works as a front-end application. Various back-end application platforms will be delivered in this bootcamp such as ASP.NET Core, PHP, Node.js and Spring Boot.
You don’t need to have knowledge of TypeScript and Angular to follow this bootcamp. We start from basic TypeScript programming. You need to focus on learning process. Internet access is needed in order to install some required libraries during hands-on-lab.
Happy web developers!

You will learn

✓ Learn how to set up development environment
✓ Learn basic Typescript programming
✓ Develop basic Angular programming
✓ Build Angular applications with step-by-step
✓ Work with Global Variables
✓ Securing Angular with OAuth2 Authentication
✓ Uploading a file to server
✓ Implementing SocketIO in Angular application
✓ Visualizing Data
✓ Full Stack Web Development with Angular, NodeJS , Express, and MySQL
✓ Full Stack Web Development with Angular, ASPNET Core , and SQL Server
✓ Full Stack Web Development with Angular, PHP, Laravel, and MySQL
✓ Full Stack Web Development with Angular, Spring Boot, and MySQL
✓ Project 1: building a self-publishing book application
✓ Project 2: building a real-time stock watcher
✓ Project 3: building a real-time data visualization dashboard


• Computer with Windows, Linux, or macOS
• Having basic knowledge with HTML, CSS, JavaScript

This course is for

• Web developers
• Student developers
• Professional developers
Researcher, Lecturer, Consultant and Author | Microsoft MVP
Agus Kurniawan is a lecturer, researcher, IT consultant, and author.  Hold a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and Master degree in Computer Science (focused Machine Learning). He has more than 20 years of experience in various software and hardware development projects for various companies. He worked at Fraunhofer, Germany, and Samsung Research Indonesia Institute as visiting researcher. He also worked at Hewlett-Packard as technology consultant.
He also has been delivering  training and workshops. He has been awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP Data Platform) award for 16 years in a row.
He is currently doing some research related to software engineering, machine learning, embedded system, Internet of Things, networking and security systems at the Faculty of Computer Science, University of Indonesia, Indonesia. He is founder of MakersID, IlmuDataID, Ilmu Data Youtube Channel.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 7h 13m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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