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ESL English Phonics – Complete Course

Learn to read and write with perfect phonics - for English learners of all ages
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Table of contents


Phonics is one of the most important foundations of the English language.
It helps us read, write, speak and listen and allows us to learn on our own without relying on remembering each word we learn. Instead, we can simply use phonics to sound each word out.
However, phonics is rarely taught in schools, especially in ESL countries. In Native English counties, phonics is picked up in everyday listening and speaking. But ESL countries don’t have that luxury. Most schools also don’t teach phonics because it is difficult to teach and often requires Native English Speaking teachers to teach, which is not always possible.
At Happy Learning Club, we acknowledge the importance of phonics and so are pleased to offer this course completely free to help students learn everything there needs to know from basic to advanced phonics. Phonics empowers students to learn on their own, to read by themselves, and to speak like native speakers. We hope you enjoy our Phonics course with us and have fun learning every day!
Course Outline
25+ lessons with more updates every week.
1. Phonics of the Alphabet
2. Short Vowels
3. Tricky Consonants – L R V W
4. Tricky Consonants – Q X Y Z
5. Beginning Blends – L
6. Beginning Blends – R
7. Beginning Blends – S
8. Beginning Diagraphs – H
9. Triple Blends
10. Long Vowel A
11. Long Vowel E
12. Long Vowel I
13. Long Vowel O
14. Long Vowel U
15. Special Vowel Y
16. Ending Blends – N & M
17. Endling Blends – S & T
18. R Controlled Vowels
19. L Controlled Vowels
20. LL Controlled Blends
21. Ending Diagraphs – NG
22. Hard & Soft C
23. Hard & Soft G
24. Special Diagraphs – GH KN WR GN CK
25. Vowel Diagraphs – OO OI OY OU
New lessons are added every week.

You will learn

✓ Learn all the English phonics from ABC to blends and diagraphs
✓ Learn how to differentiate between letter and sounds in English.
✓ Learn to read and write English correctly and fluently.
✓ Build confidence in your English ability


• Know the alphabet

This course is for

• ESL Learners
• Native Speakers
• Children and young leaners
• All English leaners
Have fun learning every day
In my many years of teaching ESL English to elementary level students in China, Taiwan, and Thailand, I have noticed a key systematic problem preventing most children from learning effectively – They are taught American or British standard curriculums that are highly praised and regarded on the international stage.

The problem is, these courses are only effective when taught to Native English speakers who already have a solid foundation in the English language. In countries where English is the second or third language, these same American and British-based English courses are highly intimidating, difficult to understand, and even harder to teach by less-qualified educators.

When children from a young age fail to understand the English courses taught at school, they quickly lose interest and stop learning effectively. After observing this learning difficulty for many years from countless students, I decided to open my own language center to work on solving the problem. This was the birth of Happy Learning Club.

Here, I worked tirelessly at developing a course that is easy to understand while building a strong foundation in the English language. Once the students understand basic phonics, numbers, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and question words etc, everything else they learn will be much easier and more enjoyable.

All courses include 12 topics that each cover the lesson content, practice worksheets with explanation, and topic tests that consolidate the students’ understanding.

Hope you have fun learning with us at Happy Learning Club
Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 42m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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