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ESL Cambridge PET – B1 writing skills

how to master an intermediate English & express your ideas clearly
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The course will cover how to write in an intermediate English as a Second Language.

Do you need to improve your editing skills?
Would you like to write in a correct Intermediate English? Are you ready to review all the B1-level English that is required for your new career?

Improving any required personal skill is easier said than done!
Writing successfully includes having a clear idea of the topic & writing task, creating a mental map, having some minimum background knowledge, and a general cultural preparation, choosing the best vocabulary, using syntax and Grammar appropriately, organising the text correctly, being confident in semantics, feeling free to express your ideas, having in mind where the text will be used and who is going to read it, having familiarized with and practiced both reading and editing real examples and skills, in the past.
This course focus on all the above abilities; in particular, real British English is covered and a broad coverage of Intermediate English is included.
You will find customized quizzes, practice and assignments.

By the end of the tutorial, you will be able to:
•write clearly
•write emails
•write letters
•write articles
•write essays
•use the correct tense
•complete the Cambridge PET (B1) writing paper
•feel relieved that you can express yourself, your ideas, and your opinion where you study or work

English language, related to Dutch & German, is a West Germanic language of the Indo-European language family that is spoken all over the world by 1.5 billion inhabitants. It is the most studied foreign language.
You may know that the World Wide Web (the Internet) is mostly (around 60%) in English language. Not only is this the language of the Internet, but also business is made through it and scientific research is delivered in English.

The Cambridge Preliminary English Test, PET, or B1 Preliminary, is one of Cambridge Assessment English Qualifications. It is the English language exam that shows you have mastered the basics and now have practical language skills for everyday use.*

By the end of the course, you will be more confident and have reached, at least, a B1 level of English, that is to say an Intermediate level.

The author is Salvatore Novello, an Ofqual UK qualified TEFL teacher, also holder of a Postgraduate Diploma in Translation by the University of West of England in the United Kingdom.
Salvo’s experience include English editing, Cambridge Proficiency studies, English as a Second Language tutoring with patience, both online and offline.

His approach is step-by-step: he is writing with you in real time, by giving tips & tricks, and by verbalizing which mental operation he is performing to create/edit the text.

Solid fundations in ESL Intermediate linguistics complete the plan of study.

[*source: the Cambridge english assessment website in the section exams-and-tests –> preliminary]

You will learn

✓ Writing for Speakers of Other Languages
✓ General English


• An elementary level of English – A2 to understand basic instructions and lessons
• Patience with yourself

This course is for

• Elementary and Pre-intermediate learners of English
• anyone that for personal reason, business or studies has to write basic short texts in English language
• Intermediate learners of English that have overlooked writing skills or focused on any other aspect (Reading, Listening, Speaking)
English Tutor & Writer
Salvatore is a newly qualified ESL teacher, who has lived in the United Kingdom for 10 years.
He can help young learners to reach their targets in fluency and to
achieve their desired level of communication ability. He is self-
motivated because applied linguistics is one of his passions.
His students will have the same role model and motivation
to do better. Being kind, happy, energetic and keen to help can make
the difference in the classroom.


January 2019 – –

Individual Tutoring
English tutor on Skype, online
lessons creation & delivery, motivation to
improve students’ fluency, one-to-one

November 2018
– Present

St. Anne’s Parish / self employed
Mother-tongue English teacher , Catania – Italy
Needs analysis, complete beginners course.
Refresher course for improving secondary
school grades in the English language subject.

April 2018 – Present

Solo Sicily Villas
Property Manager, Caltagirone – Italy
Interpreting, English language reception

2017 – 2018

St. Joseph’s Parish
Early childhood catechist, Brighton – UK

2010 – 2017

Financial Companies / East Sussex County
Admin roles, East Sussex – UK

15 July 2003 – 3
1 July 2003

Cork college
Group Leader, Cork – Ireland

2003 – Present

Freelance translator, Catania – Italy
English into Italian / Italian into English
translation of text from several industries



TEFL level 5
The TEFL Academy, United Kingdom
How to teach speaking, listening, reading,
writing, vocabulary, grammar and
pronunciation in the classroom with an
effective technique/approach.

TEFL short course in Teaching Cambridge Exams
Tefl in Spain school
Practical methods to teach all the necessary skills for each task of the Cambridge First (B2) papers.

1 September 09
– 01 July 2012

MA Translation DEGREE
University of the West of England , Bristol – UK
UK NQF Level 7 qualification – Master Degree

1 Oct 02 – 21 Feb 06
Sociology and Organisations DEGREE
Catholic University, Milan – Italy
Sociology, Social Research, Law, Economics,
Philosophy, Psychology


Linguistic Abilities
English Speaking
English Listening
English Reading
English Writing
English Grammar

Personal Qualities
Team Work
Manage a project

Salvo Novello loves to empower each single student that enrols to his English course on Udemy !
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 26m
Language: English
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