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Error Reduction & Human Performance Fundamentals Using AERO

Reduce errors and improve Human & Organizational Performance applying Advanced Error Reductions in Organizations (AERO)
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Would you like to learn the key principles and implementation guidelines of Human & Organizational Performance? This course is a foundational understanding of error which will help you and your organization achieve the desired performance shift in the areas of quality, safety, reliability, efficiency and productivity.
Human and Organizational Performance (HOP) / Human Performance has proven over decades to be the next logical step in improving individual and organizational performance. This course helps people new to HOP and seasoned practitioners alike the opportunity to learn advanced error reduction in organizations (AERO) from Rob Fisher, a globally recognized leader in the science, understanding, education, integration, and sustainability of HOP. Take the next step in your understanding of how errors impact the workplace today.
This course is suitable for all levels of your organization, senior leaders, managers, directors, supervisors and frontline workers. It’s also applicable to, not only, EHS Professionals, but also those in Quality and HR. There is something for everyone. It provides real-world applicable knowledge and tools to help either, prevent an error, reduce the probability for making an error, or mitigate the consequence for when an error is made. You will learn about the Task-Based System, a systemic approach to individuals performing tasks. We will then describe the Essential Leadership Cycle, how an organization controls the Task-Based System.
The Facilitator
Rob Fisher, a world-renown thought leader in the Human and Organizational Performance (HOP) space, delivers this course through video-based lectures and articles providing a baseline knowledge of the practical application of the science behind HOP.
Equilibria’s Personality Diversity provides lessons on how different people with different personality tendencies see and manage risk differently. An important portion of the course describes our mental model or Performance Modes. These Performance Modes are how we do work, and helps address a risk that isn’t much thought about when we do hazard or risk analyses, the performance risk. There is also an explanation of Dr. James Reason’s Swiss Cheese Model that helps you apply the model into your daily work. Finally, we will give you applicable tools you can immediately start using to help reduce the predictable error rate in any given Performance Mode. By understanding and wanting to integrate these concepts into your organization’s daily activities you will see organizational improvement in safety, quality, efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity. Since you value the prevention of errors, then this course IS FOR YOU!!
Joining this course provides tests of what you have learned throughout the course
**Please note that applying all the lessons derived from the course is highly recommended yet completing the course does not give you the right to teach the content it contains to others. To pursue this opportunity, contact the course facilitator. **
People who purchase this course will get access to ask questions directly to a team of AERO Specialists
Learn the concepts and practical application from someone who has deployed over 200 times in 40 countries and 10 languages.

You will learn

✓ What Advanced Error Reduction in Organizations (AERO) is and how it can impact your life at home, work or play
✓ How to recognize what we call “Systemic Drivers” and how they impact an individual on any given task
✓ How different people with different personality tendencies see and manage risk differently
✓ What mental models are and how to recognize when you have a high error rate and what you can do to reduce your error rate
✓ “The 3-T’s” Traps- things we get caught in. Triggers- an indication a trap is present. Tools- a mechanism for reducing the probability an error is made


• Go to equilibria .com to discover your E-Colors by taking the Personality Diversity Indicator (PDI)
• An open mind about how different people with different personality tendencies see and manage risk
• A pen and notepad to take notes, There will be some important takeaways for you and you will want to have those written down for future reference
• Willingness to see, and respond to things differently based on what you learn in this course

This course is for

• Safety Leaders young and old, looking for new and innovative ways to mitigate risk
• Professionals wanting to improve their personal and professional skillset
• Practitioners wanting to continue their HOP and Error Reduction educational journey
• Current clients and customers wanting to keep apprised of the latest developments
Organizational Performance Improvement Specialists
What We Do

FIT provides consultation, mentoring, education, and proven technologies that enable our clients to improve safety, quality, effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity. Companies utilizing our products and services report reducing fatalities and serious injuries to zero, substantially lowering error and event rates, and achieving excellent employee engagement.

Who We Are

We are a Cherokee-owned, family-focused business located in Concord, NC. Our consultants have over 100 cumulative years of fieldwork and consulting experience in the areas we specialize in. Our commitment to the Cherokee Values guides our family and business decisions.

How We Do It

FIT uses practical application and integration of new and existing technologies to equip clients to achieve excellence in the areas of Human and Organizational Performance, Incident Investigations/Incident Analysis, and Procedure Development/Improvement. Assistance and education in these areas is available at client facilities, as well as in regional open enrollment courses.

Why We Do It

Our shared values drive our passion for eliminating fatalities and serious injuries in the workplace and at home, improving the quality of life for workers, and helping our clients achieve optimal corporate performance.

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