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This course is a beginner to intermediate level  course in enzymology designed specifically for students in science, biochemistry, and medical schools. The course will cover a wide range of subjects such:
a.Classification of enzyme
b.Properties, mechanism and kinetics of enzyme catalyzed reaction
c.Derivation of the Michaelis Menton equation
d.Regulation of enzyme activities
e.Enzyme Inhibition (Reversible and Irreversible)
f.Mechanism of multi-substrate reaction
g.Chemical modes of enzymatic catalysis
h.Binding Modes of enzymatic catalysis
i.Examples of mechanism of some important enzymes (serine proteases and Lysozymes)
j.Solving  Exercises

You will learn

✓ Understand the role of kinetics in enzymatic reactions
✓ Differentiate between equilibrium and steady state kinetics and analyze kinetic data
✓ Solve kinetic related exercises and estimate important parameter (Km. Vmax, Kcat etc)
✓ Understand the kinetics of enzyme inhibition and regulation
✓ Comprehend the role of kinetics in understanding reaction mechanisms
✓ Have the essential knowledge about enzymes which prepares students for more detailed courses if they are acquiring a higher degree


• Have basic knowledge about chemical reactions and kinetics
• No tools required

This course is for

• Bachelor and Masters students in Biochemistry
• Medical students who are studying biochemistry as part of their curriculum and who need to know more about kinetics
• Researchers who are working in a medical filed related to enzyme kinetics
• Students familiar with enzymes who are interested in learning more about enzyme kinetics and mechanisms.
• Anyone who is interested in learning about enzymes
I am a Lebanese assistant Professor and I hold a PhD in biochemistry, I teach in several universities in Lebanon. I teach medical and basic biochemistry for medical students (Pharmacy, nutrition, medical lab and nursing). I also teach advanced biochemistry courses, protein structure and function, and enzyme kinetics for science students majoring in Biochemistry.

I am passionate about biochemistry and related topics and so I thought of putting together online courses which will help students learn biochemistry topics smoothly.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 4h 1m
Language: English
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