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Energy Vampires: Identification and Protection

How to preserve your energy to lead a more fulfilling life in harmony. Includes rare guided "Night Meditation"
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Based on the teachings of Moscow’s Academy of clairvoyance, their academics have compiled a list of groups and situations that can deplete you and drain you.
They have found, researched, and devised methods to help you along your journey of life to:
*Protect and preserve your energetical balance
*Recharge and rejuvenate yourself
*Deal with situations that drain and deplete you
*Regain the missing parts of your energy and life-force
*Live a more fulfilled life in harmony

In this course, you will learn:
Subtypes and archetypes of many different kinds of entities that may be responsible for your depleted and drained state in life.

In-depth knowledge and workings about energy-draining situations and people.

Many different meditational practises that will enhance you and
help you deal with difficult and unexpected situations.

Incredible and rare “Night Meditation” to boost the missing energies of your life-force.

You will learn

✓ How to preserve your life-force and energy for a better more fulfilling life
✓ Guided “Night Meditation”
✓ Numerous meditation practices closer akin to incantations or spells
✓ In-depth knowledge about uncomfortable situations and company that may drain and deplete you
✓ Wide variety of tips and tricks to avoid uncomfortable situations and how to keep yourself safe and energetic
✓ Meditations to enhance spiritual development
✓ Different perspectives of spiritual practice


• For all levels of spiritual development
• Prior knowledge in spiritual practices and experience in meditation is helpful but not required as this course is for anyone who wishes to learn about new ways of self-development.

This course is for

• Students wanting to develop their meditation practices
• Students longing for peace and clarity in their life
• Students who want to enhance their spiritual development
• Students interested in different perspective and types of spiritual practices
Academic of Clairvoyance and Energy Psychology
About Teresa

Nature, learning and caregiving lie at the heart of Teresa’s life. For many generations, Teresa’s family and ancestors have had responsibility for the wellbeing, health and vitality of the community and local people. To see and touch the many mysteries, miracles and wisdom of the world by herself, Teresa became a traveller to better understand how the world works and to broaden her horizon. Teresa is resolute in her belief that if you study something, then you commit to it deeply and thoroughly. Teresa’s many and varied achievements attest to this belief.

Continuing in her family tradition, Teresa now works as a spiritual councillor, instructor and creator of instructive academic material. Teresa is a recognised doctor, professor and academic of Moscow’s International Academy of Clairvoyance and Energy Psychology. She is also the official representative of the Moscow Academy of Clairvoyance in Estonia. She has obtained the second badge and Title of Honour of Star Ekaterina for successful work with people facing mental health challenges and the advancement of their wellbeing and life quality.

As a teacher, Teresa has gained extensive influence, particularly in the fields of care guidelines, compassion programs and health prophylaxis (preventive maintenance). Teresa is also an Energy Foundation Councillor for businesses and organisations. In her homeland of Estonia and in the neighbouring countries, Teresa has released numerous articles, is an opinion leader and has been on the covers of many magazines and newspapers. In addition, Teresa has also been ordained as a Deacon and Exorcist and is the Leader of Exorcists in Scandinavia by the Church of Tsar in Russia. Teresa is ordained in England as a Sister of Avalon and has been ordained as Master and Bearer of Kundalini Energies in Chile. Teresa is also the Founder and President of “Taevas ja Maa heaolu keskus” (Heaven and Earth Centre of Wellbeing, Estonia).

Teresa’s popularity stems from her ability to provide simple explanations which are achievable and appropriate to all regardless of gender, age or educational background. She values being understood and transparent in her approach. Teresa ensures that she is always available to her many students and clients. She is supportive, caring and informal, wanting the best for her clients and students. All of her courses and lessons are certified and protected by copyright laws.

Teresa speaks Estonian, Russian and Finnish. She practices in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Russia (both in Moscow and St Petersburg). Teresa wants to expand the communication and sharing of her accumulated wisdom and services to a wider global community with the help of her sons. They share her family knowledge and heritage and also continue to travel globally.

The family’s belief and knowledge of the symbiosis of science, medicine and ancient wisdom can enable the creation and enjoyment of a more peaceful life. They believe that the world is a simple place if you know how it works and hopes you will join them on this fascinating journey.

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 43m
Language: English
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