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Emotional Intelligence and Communication

Non-verbal communication, Body language, Decision making
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This course is a reflection on the different ways we approach communication, research suggests that more than 70 percent of what we say is through our body, so why not explore it!. Think of a time where you said something and completely regretted it afterward, it’s about how our emotions drive decision making and influences behavior that renders what we say and how we communicate. Multiple studies suggest understanding Emotional Intelligence “EI” increases interpersonal skills, enhances leadership approaches and strategies such as negotiations for example as well as clarifies the ability to create a more positive culture in the office or at home. Furthermore, it elaborates on managing emotions through techniques and exercises “activities” that suggest asking yourself the right questions and reflecting. This course dives deep into relevant questions one might have about conscious self-awareness of one’s own emotions and how they react, in correlation to how it translates into a type of communication Verbal or non-verbal, how it impacts what we say and how we behave in correlation to what we are saying. It’s an approach of understanding perspective through our senses and body language so that one day we’ll be able to recognize behavioral patterns that tie into verbal cues.

You will learn

✓ Components of communication
✓ Effective communication skill building techniques
✓ Using emotional intellegence to enhance communication
✓ Self awarness and communication
✓ Managing Conflict resolution
✓ Improving awarness of non verbal communication and body language


• No prerequisite required

This course is for

• Any
Entrepreneur / Sales, Marketing and Operations Manager
Hey guys brief description about myself. My journey started as a programs officer worked my way up to programs manager and shifted from market research to applications.An entrepreneur at heart it’s all about finding new ways to innovate. The idea behind this platform is not so I can just teach content but rather its more about reflecting on what we can do to improve many of our skills together, by asking the right questions, there is always more room to grow, always something new to learn.let the brainstorming sessions begin!!
Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 44m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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