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Email Marketing with Mailchimp + Sales Funnels & Copywriting

Become a master at email marketing, learn 2 platform Mailchimp & GetResponse, 6-figures sales funnel & copywritin
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Learn and master Email marketing using Mailchimp with powerful marketing tips and techniques which help you to jump forward and build a 2000 list of targeted subscribers.
You will learn how to:
•Strategies to capture email leads
•Setting up Mailchimp account
•Manage audience
•Create signup forms, embed, pop up, …
•Sales Funnels
•3 Marketing cognitive biases
•And much more …
Course Sections:
•Email marketing fundamentals (grabbing attention & convincing customers to buy from you)
•Bonus – 3 marketing cognitive biases
Why email marketing?
There are many different platforms out there for digital marketing like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and so on. But because of the huge amount of information that exist there, those platform try to filter what customers will see. This means that you can not get to all of your audiences with a single post through social media but on the other hand when you send an email, you are 100% sure that all of your subscribers will receive your message.
There are many different email service providers but the most common and powerful one is mailchimp. During this course we will learn how to use mailchimp to do our email marketing and then we will focus on email marketing fundamentals, how to grab peoples attention and convince them to take action.
During this part we will learn everything we about how to use mailchimp for our email marketing such as creating email list, creating signup forms, add signup forms to our website and social media, create marketing campaigns and send emails, how to read reports and analytics, integrations, how to grab subscribers from other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and much more.
During this part we will learn how to write an email that grab people’s attention and convince them to follow our request and buy from us. There are step by step proven rules that you can follow them in your email marketing. There are 6 formula to write a powerful headline or subject for your emails.
We also will learn more about our potential customers, AIDA, Cognitive biases in subject and how to write convincing email content.
What will you learn in the bonus section?
In the bonus section we will focus on learning 3 powerful marketing cognitive biases which help you to write powerful and more convincing emails, increase your success rate in email marketing.

If you really want tomaster email marketing & mailchimp, join this course NOW! because what we learn in this course is the core of a successful business.

You will learn

✓ Build a powerful email list with at least 2000 targeted subscribers
✓ Build signup forms and set it on your website and social media
✓ Create marketing campaigns & send them to your mailing list
✓ Read reports & analytics to find your strength and weaknesses in email marketing
✓ Write powerful, engaging & attracting headlines for email marketing
✓ Write convincing email content to persuade subscribers to buy from you
✓ Able to use 3 powerful marketing technique (marketing cognitive biases)
✓ Create your market and increase your sale up to a whole new level


• You should have basic knowledge about emails.
• Join with an open mind to learn great things.

This course is for

• Entrepreneurs who want to market their product through emails
• People who want to find job as email marketer in any companies
• Small businesses who want to expand their business, grab more attention and have more sales
Digital Instagram Marketer, Author & Entrepreneur
Making people see you, pay attention to your product and follow you is a difficult task in today’s world.
Want to learn how?
Join me and 100,000 students from 181 countries to learn and practice on how to create a business, grow in marketing, convince people to buy from you and finally get to your goals.
I’m Pouya and most people know me from my digital Instagram courses. Over the past several year I have tried to record as many course as I can about business and marketing.
So you can join us if you want to learn:
Digital Instagram Marketing
Facebook marketing
Email marketing
Building a website for your business
Google analytics
Sales & persuasion
and much more.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 4h 37m
Language: English
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