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Electrical Transformers Fundamentals

Learn all about the practical industry knowledge of Electrical Transformers with this course!
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Electrical Transformers Fundamentals is a comprehensive video course where you can learn all about electrical transformers that are essential in working in the industry; from basic knowledge to how to procure and install transformers.

I have handcrafted this course to allow students to acquire core fundamental knowledge on electrical transformers as well as how to apply it in the utility industry.

If you are currently or working towards being a equipment engineer and transformers are something that you need to work with, you will find this course of great help to get the fundamental knowledge you need to kick start your professional career. If you work on the vendor/supplier side, this course will provide you with the tools to effectively and efficiently communicate your products to your customers.

This course can benefit anyone not only in the utility industry, but also in any industry where you need to spec and install transformers. As long as you have interest in a career that electrical engineering , this course can help you to get an advantage at looking for work or giving you an edge over your competitors as it gives you core knowledge of how to procure and install transformers as well as other knowledge that you would not have otherwise obtain unless you have worked in specific industries for years, especially within the utility and energy industry. And knowledge is power.

So let’s get started! Let’s start your fulfilling journey and mark an important point of your phenomenal career!

You will learn

✓ Differentiate between Different Cooling Class of Transformers
✓ Differentiate between the different types of cores and windings of a Transformer
✓ Learn about the internal insulation of transformers and what are its degradation factors
✓ Learn about the different bushing types, design consideration and industry standards
✓ Learn about what goes into the transformer nameplate
✓ Learn about what makes a transformer noisy
✓ Learn the Concept of inrush current
✓ Learn about the different types of load tap changers
✓ Learn about the Liquid Preservation System
✓ Get knowledge on Power Transformer, Distribution Transformer, Dry Type Transformer and Instrument Transformer
✓ Learn how to procure transformers and what to look out for in commissioning and installation


• Motivated to break into the Electrical Utility Industry
• Motivated to learn

This course is for

• Engineer or engineering students who are going to design, maintain, commission or do anything with transformers
• Professional who work in the Transformer supplier/vendor side and want to know what to look out for in delivering the best product to the customer
A Power Utility Professional Instructor
Mike has been working for many years in the power utility industry. He has experienced working in various roles within the industry and have experience in teaching engineering concepts to the public, fellow engineers and power line professionals. Now, taking all that he has learned, he will help you in discovering the amazing career opportunities within the power utility world.
After graduation, he discovers that many knowledge from the power utility world were not being taught in university courses. Like many engineer graduates who first entered the industry, he soon discovers that although the theoretical knowledge taught in school provides a fundamental knowledge base, it is not adequate to even to do the most basics of engineering job functions. In fact, he soon found out that he could not even communicate things properly with other coworkers as there are various industry-specific lingo and practice that it is very hard to learn without working within the industry for years and years.
Furthermore, knowledge in the how-to are not commonly found in the internet and a lot of times individual teams would only keep knowledge to themselves. This means that even if you are working in these companies, chances are that you may not get the overall picture as much as you hope.
Most people may feel paralyzed and don’t know where to start in how to get into the industry or to gain more industrial knowledge. Even worse, most training courses provided by industry leaders are available only to certain employees of their business clients.
Power utility industry provides one of the most basic of needs in modern society and is also one of the industry that will experience rapid growth within the next twenty years. This industry needs professionals like YOU to make electricity more accessible and affordable for the present and the future. Mike believes that the knowledge and skills in this industry should be affordable and open to all.
These courses should teach real life skills that are applicable to the industry and help students in landing their dream job; they should not waste a student’s valuable time. Having learned important lessons from working in both engineering and utility companies, Mike will teach you the foundations that will help launch your career in the power utility industry.
Mike promises you that there are no other courses out there as comprehensive and as well explained catering specifically to the power utility industry.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 4h 5m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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