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Effective Property Management Advanced Course Module 1

Learn in depth how the professionals manage property, and you will be better off at managing properties yourself
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Table of contents


Thinking about becoming a landlord? Become a landlord and successfully manage your properties and discover how to be a landlord with ease. This Property Management advanced courses give proven strategies for establishing and maintaining rental properties. Have a single family or multi-resident unit or units? Find out what are the advantages of self-management and the pros and cons of this business. Effective Property Management Advanced course Module 1 will help you achieve your dream to become a successful residential rental property owner and will understand what to look for before you have a final deal. After completing this course, you will be prepared to know where the pitfalls are, how to identify these pitfalls and how to overcome them. Course duration – 1 hour

You will learn

✓ Course Introduction
✓ See whether self- management can work for you
✓ What are the Advantages when Working With A Management Firm
✓ Is it possible to manage a property from a distance?
✓ The pros and cons when using a professional management company
✓ What Does A Property Manager Do
✓ How to Find the Right Management Company for You
✓ How To Compensate the Property Management Company
✓ Management agreements and the obligations of a management company
✓ Questions To Ask The Property Management Company Before Appointing Them
✓ What Is Included In The Sale?
✓ Procedures For Taking Over A Property
✓ Inspections – Helpful or Not
✓ Taxes and expenses – What does it involve?
✓ What is a Rent Roll?
✓ Concluding Module 1


• Students should have a passion for property management
• Students should be motivated to learn more and…
• Students must have the “will” to broaden their knowledge in the field of “Property Management”
• Students should be willing to interact with the lecturer and co-students to participate in property management discussions

This course is for

• This course is for students who wish to broaden their knowledge in the field of property management. The course will give you in depth training in specific fields of property management as per the lectures where you will learn how to manage a residential property, whether your own property yourself or properties of others. You will find this course helpful when deciding to make use of a property management company OR whether you should manage the property yourself. You will learn the pros and cons when making use of a professional company and if not what advantages you will have in managing the rental of the unit/s yourself. Should you decide to purchase a property the important issues when you take over the property is discussed and you will learn to implement your own policies and procedures for taking over the property before you legally become the new owner. A very important issue is the inventory and what should be included in the sale before taking over the property.
Businessman, Property Practitioner, Business Adviser
Who is Nelius Smit? Nelius is CEO of NS Investment Group a Private Limited company, business adviser and property manager of several properties for various landlords as well as his own properties. Nelius is also head of properties for the South African Women’s Federation which has a property portfolio of 4 billion Rand. He is an instructor, content creator and studied law. Nelius lives in the Republic of South Africa and has more than 37 years of marketing experience of which 22 years in the property industry.  He dedicates himself to providing education to students as well as to professionals wishing to learn more in the field of property management. Through his tutorials, students will develop property management and marketing skills which will able them to manage their own properties and the properties of others. He loves properties and property management. It is his passion because “it is a people business”.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 19m
Language: English
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