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Editing Skills for Clear Writing

Tips and Tricks for Concise Content from a Seasoned Copy Editor
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Clear writing is hard to come by because we are taught to write eloquently using lots of fancy and smart words. But good writing is the kind that’s easy to read. As a seasoned copy editor with over a decade of experience in the field, I help writers cut out the bull so that their core idea can shine. This course is a quick overview of the issues of clarity I see most.
In this course:
Learn the copy editing skills you need to make yours or your clients’ content clear, concise, and readable without sacrificing yours or the author’s voice and style.
•Fix subject-verb agreement issues.*
•Eliminate wordy sentences and unnecessary elements.
•Strive for active voice over passive voice.
•Use descriptive words instead of empty adjectives.
•Elegantly break up long paragraphs.
•Make every word count.
*UPDATE: Usage is yet evolving as language always is and more so in these times of rapid information exchange and communication. Many style manuals and house guidelines now accept “they” to refer to singular subjects whose gender identity is not known, in addition to those who don’t identify with a particular gender. But a word of caution: Just be sure that the style guidelines you’re following support such usage. If you’re writing only for yourself or your own audience, go with whatever style you like. On the other hand, if you are a student or are working for a client, check with the institution’s preferred style first.

You will learn

✓ You’ll how to write clear and easy-to-read content.
✓ You will be able to edit your own work or that of others to produce clear and concise content.
✓ You will turn wordy sentences into succinct, to-the-point content.
✓ You will make your writing strong without the need for italics, boldface, or all caps.


• Fluent in English language
• Basic English grammar

This course is for

• Writers, bloggers, and students who want to write more clearly and concisely
• Authors and aspiring copy editors looking for the skills to fix wordy prose, unclear writing, passive voice, and other related issues
Freelance Copy Editor and Publication Designer
I’ve been freelancing for almost a decade as a proofreader, copy editor, and publication designer whose top professional goal is to make good writing easy and enjoyable to read. I also blog about all things related to freelancing and providing editorial and design services. Finally, I’m the author of Quick Guide to Freelancing: Be Your Own Boss in Eight Basic Steps.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 43m
Language: English
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