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eBay Selling Masterclass: Complete Beginner to Advanced 2022

Learn how to sell on eBay, create a side hustle and go on to create a full time eBay business with this complete course.
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eBay Selling Masterclass: Complete Course for Beginners and Advanced Resellers in 2022.

Learn first hand what it takes to succeed on eBay as a Reseller in 2022. 

Learn from the ground up what it takes to go from beginner to full time seller with this course, taught by 20 year eBay reseller Kyle Davies.  Offers an insider’s guide to starting a successful small business selling items, with insider tips on how to succeed in 2022.

Many sellers have been making money on eBay since it’s inception in 1995.  With hard work, focus and dedication, you can master the skills needed to make your sole income from reselling on eBay.

This course is a must-have for current and aspiring eBay sellers and anyone who wants to tap into the 175,000,000 member marketplace.

In this course you will learn:
•How to setup your eBay account to start selling (with full walkthrough)
•How to list your items fast
•eBay listing foundational lessons on item descriptions, photographs and more
•20 major mistakes to avoid from 20 years in the ebay reselling trenches
•How to make profit when you buy
•Techniques that could 5x your sales on eBay
This course also includes how to take your business to the next level with:
•Best places to source (find) items to resell for a profit
•Cheapskates guide to shipping supplies
•5 Tips to increase sales
•Exercises to help uncover profitable best practices
This course is easy to follow with many full live demos and walkthroughs of exactly what to do.  You will receive the 30,000 foot view of how to improve your business while also diving deeper into tactical, easy-to-implement strategies.

Who this course is for:

•Beginners who have never sold on eBay before
•Resellers who want to start a side hustle on eBay part-time
•Resellers who want to grow their side hustle into full-time
•Resellers who want to take their full-time reselling to the next level by hiring others

You will learn

✓ Learn the exact strategies to begin selling on eBay as well as growth tactics to dominate the eBay marketplace
✓ A to Z Complete Guide to become a full time eBay Reseller
✓ Discover places that you can reliably source products that sell for healthy profits
✓ Avoid costly mistakes from an eBay seller who has been selling on eBay since 2001
✓ How to increase your bottom line by listing right as well as decrease unnecessary expenses


• Access to a computer or smartphone with an internet connection
• No prior eBay experience required
• No prior eCommerce or business experience required
• A positive mindset to follow step-by-step walkthroughs and put your new knowledge into action

This course is for

• Beginner eBay Sellers who always wanted to learn how to list household items for sale on eBay
• Resellers who want to start a side hustle on eBay part-time
• Resellers who want to grow their side hustle into a full-time hustle
• Resellers who want to take their full-time hustle to the next level by hiring others
Entrepreneur, Musician and Top Rated Instructor
Background as an Entrepreneur:
I have had an entrepreneurial spirit since I was young.  Having grown up on a farm, I would raise animals to resell at local auctions.  I then began going to flea markets and auctions in 2001 and began an eBay account to resell what I would find. 

I now have over 20 years of online reselling experience.  Much of this was part time (as my studies are in music performance), but there were 3 years where I worked full time as an online reseller (eBay, Amazon, eCommerce, etc.).  I enjoy inspiring others to find their entrepreneurial spirit as well.

Background as a Musician:
My piano studies began when I was very young.  I took this passion with me to college and received a Master’s degree in Music Performance (Piano) from Syracuse University.  I have had a varied musical career, having performed in bands, cocktail hours, weddings, church services, funerals and recitals.

I have served as a Music Director at various churches for over 10 years.  In addition to music directing, I enjoy composing sacred works.  My favorite ensemble to compose for is choir, but I also enjoy writing for solo piano.

Background as a Teacher:
I have taught piano lessons for the past twenty years and am now bringing my passion for teaching to Udemy.  The areas that I teach are ones that I am passionate about (entrepreneurship, selling online, real estate, music composition, piano playing, etc.).  I love sharing what I have learned in these varying disciplines and look forward to seeing you in one of my courses.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 4h 46m
Language: English
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