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Easy Kung Fu Fighting Applications – Learn Mantis Martial Ar

Learn the secret behind Kung Fu Fighting
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Discover The World’s Only Martial Arts Training Course With Instant Access To:

•Bruce Lee’s Secret Kung Fu
•Ancient 400-year-old martial arts techniques revealed
•18 kung fu styles in 1
•Unique attack combinations with striking, kicking, grappling and joint locking
•The MMA of Chinese Martial Arts
•The World’s Most Versatile Kung Fu
What You’ll Learn in This Course…
•Parry , Slip, Punch
•Mantis Claw Arm Control
•Grab, Flying Knee And Punch
•Picking Hand, Forcing Step, Palm Push, Straight Punch
•Grab, Flying Knee And Punch
•Elbow Strike -Throw
•Parry, Backfist
•Parry, Finger Strike, Stomp Kick
•Double Grab, Double Pull, Grab Hammer Fist
•Triple Hand (Double Grab Punch)
•Scoop and Uppercut
•Parry, Pull, Palm Takedown
•Retreat Scoop and uppercut
•Kick Defence and Hammer takedown
•Armbar, Elbow Throw
•3 Point Takedown
•Mantis Claw Armbar
•Eye Gouge, Flying Kick
•Armbreak, Strike Body
•Stealing Hand Hook
•Double Block and Cut
•Wrist Lock and Arm Pass
•Flat Fist, Leg Sweep, Stomp
•7 Star Sweep Throw
•Hook Backfist
•Pull Back, 7 Star Punch
Praying Mantis Beng Bo Form Performance Demonstrations
•Form Demonstration 1
•Form Demonstration 2
6 Mantis Grabs and Applications
•Mantis Diu Sau (Outside Grab)
•Mantis Lau Sau (Inside Grab)
•Eagle Catch Grab 
•Choy Sau (Pulling Grab)
•Tou Sau (Steeling Grab)
•Triple Hand Grab

6 Hand Positions and Applications
•Mantis Claw
•Eagle Catch
•Flat Fist
•Finger Strike

6 Mantis Kicks and Applications
•Knee Kick
•Snap Kick
•Stomp Kick
•Sweep Kick 
•Hook Kick
•Side Kick

6 Stances and Applications
•Horse Stance
•Bow Stance
•Cat Stance
•7 Star Stance
•Monkey Stance
•Stomp Stance

You will learn

✓ Boost Your Energy
✓ Increase Your Muscle Strength and Speed
✓ Increase Your Stamina and Resilience
✓ Relief Stress and Anxiety
✓ Improve Your Coordination and Flexibility
✓ Learn Self Defense
✓ Gain Self Discipline
✓ Gain Self Confidence


• Train anytime, anywhere!
• No physical teacher necessary
• No experience necessary
• No equipment necessary

This course is for

• Anyone interested in Praying Mantis Kung Fu
• Anyone Interested in alternative Fitness Training
• Anyone Interested in Martial Arts
• Anyone interested in Self Defense
Martial artist, Qi Gong Meditator, Entrepreneur, Influencer
David Wong is a leader of meditation technology innovations. A martial artist, Qi Gong Meditator, Entrepreneur, Influencer, Inventor, Visionary, Mentor, Speaker and business Development.
With an indomitable combination of expertise, tenacity and talent, he helps entrepreneurs, teachers, healers and professionals actualize their full potential.
His career was preceded by an achievement far beyond the limits of conventional remedies when he combined ancient Chinese Qi Gong principles and research into NASA-inspired electromagnetic frequency technology to heal himself of what he was told was an incurable disease. David has since used this knowledge to develop the patent-pending Qi Coil™ System; a personal transformation device that has helped many transform their physical, mental and spiritual well-being.
As a self-made business executive for over a decade, David has built a powerhouse e-commerce company, as well as a software and mobile application enterprise – amassing over half a million combined YouTube subscribers, 1700 mobile app publications on both the App Store and Google Play, with over 20 million downloads. His integrated and vast skill sets and leadership has led his companies to generate well into 8-figure revenues with a high-standard reputation in the industry.
On a personal note, he is also a 3rd generation Bruce Lee student, a martial arts instructor, and a Tai Chi and Qi Gong expert who has practiced meditation since he was 10 years old.
His passion for helping others maximize their full potential in their personal and professional lives is a reflection of his inspiring journey of overcoming his own challenges, and a sincere desire to help others do the same.

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 17m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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