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Easy Barre Chords for Guitar

A simple and effective approach to learning how to play barre chords all over the guitar neck
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Have you always wanted to know how to play barre chords on guitar?

Did it seem too stressful or painful? You couldn’t quite “get it’ or didn’t have time for lessons?..

Well, this course could help you see the light!

Easy barre chords for guitar is a course consisting of 10 guitar tracks. Designed to help you learn how to play barre chords all over the guitar neck.

The tracks have 3 different speeds, plus a bare track (you are the guitar). They feature the styles of rock, blues and Latin jazz. Covering a multitude of well used strumming patterns and chord progressions.

I will also show you how to use the chord scale to play barre chords in chord progressions that always sound good. This will help your songwriting skills. And give you an understanding of what your favourite bands are thinking.

You learn the chord scale for major/minor chords and also major 7th/minor7th chords. You will learn dominant 7th chords, minor7b5 chords. There are also extra shapes and positions for the other chords.

You need no previous knowledge in here and all examples of chords, strumming, TAB etc are on-screen and printable. You can clearly see how to do everything and you will learn the barre chords with ease.

There are HD Twin camera angles, so you get close-ups of everything going on. And I will show you how to play everything as I would in a private lesson. As we learn to use barre chords in several musical scenarios.

And the best thing about the course. And the most inspiring part. You get to play along with the tracks, all written and recorded by GuitarJoolz. At a speed to suit your ability.

The course is for lovers of rock, pop, blues and even jazz. It’s tons of fun as you have these performance pieces to work towards.

Take a look at the promo video and free examples to see more and I will see you inside the course!

You will learn

✓ How to play barre chords all over the guitar neck
✓ How to form barre chords for yourself and understand how to move the root notes
✓ You will learn 10 guitar tracks using barre chords (tracks provided at 3 different speeds plus drum and bass only track)
✓ You will learn the entire chords scale with major/minor and major 7/minor 7 chords, so you can write your own songs
✓ Major, minor, major 7th, minor 7th, dominant 7th and minor7b5 chords all covered
✓ You will learn how to play barre chords in commonly used chord progression that work, sound good and are used by your favourite bands
✓ A multitude of the most commonly used strumming patterns are also shown


• A PC, laptop or phone, and a guitar

This course is for

• Any guitarist’s who want to understand how to learn barre chords all over the neck
• Any guitarist’s who want to learn how to play barre chords and apply the knowledge to actual musical examples
• Guitarist’s wanting to expand their knowledge of songwriting and chord use on the guitar
• Anyone who has struggled with barre chords in the past and need some clarity and structure
High Quality Global Guitar Lessons, Rock, Blues and Metal.
GuitarJoolz is the brand name for British Guitarist Julian Cooper. A well respected teacher and artist with over 25 years experience in the music business.

With 1000’s of students and a background of touring and recording with real bands, GuitarJoolz is all about taking the pressure and theory-heavy-boredom out of traditional guitar teaching approaches. Proving courses that really feel like 1-1 guitar lessons with a private guitar instructor.

Also a genuine guitar teacher by trade GuitarJoolz spent 10 years or more teaching in schools and colleges, with over 20 teaching privately – in-between gigs etc.

Preferring to Concentrate on ‘real’ world examples and provide lessons with clear objectives, lesson plans and jam tracks to play over. The jam tracks really help you feel like you are playing guitar in a band.

This approach makes learning effortless, enjoyable, interactive and puts the focus on student playing time. Not the teacher!

An infectiously passionate and dedicated teacher, GuitarJoolz will show you all you need to know and more.

Having rocked out with brit pop giants Echobelly, UK Superstar Gavin Rossdale of Bush, Blues/Rock favs Viking Skull and performed on the same bill as bands such as Foo Fighters and Prodigy, no one is more qualified or enthusiastic about helping you to ignite and prolong your passion for guitar playing!
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 39m
Language: English
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