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Easy 18 Qigong for Health and Stress Reduction

Finding health through gentle movement
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Qigong movements help promote a tranquil mind, decreased stress, and improved health.  These beautiful, simple moves are easily attainable with Susan’s approach and ease of instruction.  All Qigong movements are soft, gentle and flowing, yet challenging at the same time.  Qigong and Tai Chi are often referred to as “meditation through movement” because one’s mind becomes quieted through engaging in the movements of slowness and fluidity.  
Each movement has specific inherent medical benefits.  There is more and more medically based research supporting the benefit of Qigong and Tai Chi for:
•healing•boosting the immune system•increasing energy•reducing pain•increasing strength and balance•reducing stress and anxiety Anyone can perform the movements, regardless of age or fitness level.  There is no getting up and down off of the floor, no holding of awkward postures, and no extreme stretching or pushing of one’s body into discomfort.  Rather, we respect our body and remain in a comfort zone of movement throughout .  
The movements flow from one to the other, generating a gentle flow of “Qi” in our bodies.  This “Qi”, or life force/energy, creates an environment of healing, both mentally and physically, prompting a calmness, internal peace and cultivating both inner and external strength.  

You will learn

✓ Be empowered to engage in simple, but beautiful movements to decrease stress, improve health and feel better overall
✓ Learn about “Qi” and how it aides in improving our life
✓ Have a tool for improved health that can be engaged in anytime, anywhere
✓ Share some of these simple movements with friends and family
✓ Understand key principles of posture, balance, breathing and movement foundational relevant to both Tai Chi and Qigong


• No previous experience necessary
• Suitable to all levels of Qigong and Tai Chi practitioners, from beginner to advanced
• Set aside 3 minutes or 15 minutes, totally depending on your schedule
• No equipment needed. No getting up and down off of the floor.
• Can be performed anywhere, without need for equipment or special clothing

This course is for

• Anyone who desires to bring a bit of tranquility and stress reduction into their lives
• You will always move within your comfort, so it accessible to all no matter fitness or ability level
• Can be performed seated
• For beginners as an introduction to Qigong and Tai Chi principles
• For more advanced practitioners for deepening internal principles of Tai Chi and Qigong
Certified Tai Chi Instructor/Occupational Therapist
Susan is a certified Tai Chi Instructor as well as a Nationally Certified Occupational Therapist.  This combination of provides a rich understanding of the body, body mechanics, healing and wellness.  
Susan is personable and easy to follow. She receives rave reviews on her free YouTube lessons, as well as in her local classes.   People enjoy her friendly, safe teaching style.  She has a unique ability to take something complex and make it accessible to anyone.  
She is a sought after presenter, author and dedicated teacher.  Her mission is to spread health and happiness through the depth, joys and benefits of Tai Chi and Qigong practice. 
Susan continues her depth of Tai Chi study, with Master William Ting, a Tai Chi Master originally from China.   
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 31m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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