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Ear Training – Develop Your Listening Skills on the Piano

Heard a song you love? Learn the skills to play piano by ear. Essential ear training course for the piano and keyboard.
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Have you ever wondered how some people can listen to a song just once, and then just sit down at the piano and play it? 
This is because they have a well developed musical ear, and can hear the notes played and figure them out on the piano/keyboard.
This course will help you to develop your musical ear, taking you from the earliest stages of Piano note recognition to being able to figure out basic Piano Chords without the use of any aids other than your own listening ability. These skills when developed properly, will open up a whole new world for you in the realm of music. You’ll no longer be restricted to the notes on a page, or have to search the internet for the chords to a song. But most importantly, you will improve as a musician.
The best musicians always have a well developed ear, because it gives them a connection between what is in their head and translating that through their instrument, rather than being restricted to sheet music. If you develop this skill properly, you’ll be able to listen to songs and understand what is happening, and figure them out and play them on the piano all by yourself.
You may also find that having a highly trained ear will help you in other scenario’s whether its playing piano with a band, improvising on the piano, music listening exams or writing songs. For example, let’s just say that you are trying to write a song, and have a melody in your head, you need to be able to play that on the piano, or figure out the chord that will accompany it. This course develops the skills needed to be able to do this using the piano.
So if you want to learn how to play by ear using the piano, take this step-by-step ear training course and have fun developing this essential skill.
This is a course that anyone wanting to learn to play music can enjoy, so why not enroll today.
Student Reviews:
Kenneth S Blatt – 5 Stars – This is a very good introduction to ear training. All the concepts are very clearly explained and demonstrated. The follow up tests reinforce all the important principles. 
Mattias Högström – 5 Stars – Very easy to follow along. He makes a seemingly complex matter easy to approach. I have improved my hearing already only halfway through the course. 
Ayreon Green – 5 Stars – This method is fun and easy to follow! 
Samantha Vickery Gray – 5 Stars – Loving it thus far. Fun and the speed of learning is perfect for me.

You will learn

✓ Develop your musical ear so that you can pick out melodies on the piano.
✓ Locate notes on the piano by ear.
✓ LISTEN, figure out, and PLAY piano chords by ear.
✓ Gain the ability to listen to simple songs played on the piano, and figure them out by ear
✓ Improve your musical memory.
✓ Improve your listening skills and in turn your general musicianship.


• You will need a piano or keyboard.
• You will need know the names of the piano keys.

This course is for

• Anyone wanting to be able to listen to songs and play them on the piano without sheet music.
• Aspiring musicians/song writers/music producers.
• Anyone who wants to develop their musical ear, and become a better all round musician.
• Anyone wanting to understand more about chords and how to figure them out by ear.
Piano Teacher, Professional Musician, Session Player
Hi, I’m Arthur and I’ve been playing the piano for over 20 years. After achieving Grade 8 with the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, I started touring as a session player in theatre shows all over the United Kingdom. As well as this I have lots of experience in recording studios, and with bands have played music all over the world, from the USA to Australia. I’ve been teaching Piano for 10 years now, and am an approved tutor with the City of York Arts Council.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 7m
Language: English
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