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Dynamic Knife Defense 101

Learn How to Defend Yourself Effectively From a Knife Attack
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In this course you will learn drills, techniques and concepts on how to defend yourself effectively against a knife attack. I will teach you: different ways to deflect and parry a blade arm, how to correctly isolate and disarm a knife hand, and how to effectively move to evade knife attacks.  I will also be teaching different locks from isolating the blade arm and certain techniques to using your footwork to discombobulate and unbalance the attacker.
You will learn simple to more advanced concepts along the way and have a clear understanding on how to spar and freeflow these drills and techniques with a sparring partner. I believe anyone at any level will be able to get something out of this course, especially those without any kind of training.  By the end of this two and a half hour course you will have basic to intermediary knowledge of highly sought knife defense skills.
About me: I have been in martial arts for over 20 years. Though I trained in different disciplines, my primary love and expertise is in FMA.  I have a brown belt in Doce Pares under GM Dong Questa and was a high level apprentice instructor  in Sayoc Kali. I also trained for 6 years in other martial arts with varying levels of skillsets such as Ip Man Wing Chun, BJJ, JKD, and Lameco Lacosta Escrima as well. I have also instructed privately for several years with different schools and individuals primarily on stick, knife and empty hand.

You will learn

✓ How to actually parry and defend against a knife attacker in close quarters effectively
✓ Gain proficiency in footwork that will help evade and unbalance an knife attacker
✓ How to disarm an armed opponent with a knife effectively
✓ How to lock and counter a knife attacker effectively


• Have a sparring partner
• Be in moderate to good health

This course is for

• Anyone of moderate health
I am an art director in in the film industry and also a private martial arts instructor specializing in FMA (Filipino Martial Arts), (My training background goes as follows: brown belt in Doce Pares under GM Dong Questa; a former high level apprentice instructor in the Sayoc Kali system;  studied several other FMA styles as well as Ip Man Wing Chun  [GM Samuel Kwok Lineage], JKD and BJJ Under Sifu Cesar Oliviara for nearly 7 years; lastly Aikikai Aikido)
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 19m
Language: English
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