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Drawing & shading beautiful Male and Female face -easy steps

All the techniques you must know to draw the profiles of a Human face – a basis for Portrait drawing and painting.
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The course is about drawing lifelike pictures of male and female faces effortlessly. In this course the guru explains the learners, the composition of the facial structures, both front and side profiles, in a simple and effective way through step by step mechanism. The learners are surely going to enjoy geometry behind the face, and get benefitted from this course. We have included all the topics that are required to be covered, to transform you into a realistic artist who could draw any face. The course will help the learners to obtain a good grounding in the fundamental art principles, and various techniques that are vital in composing and finalizing beautiful, vibrant facial drawings. In this course, you will also learn how to create the shadow effect when the light falls on the face at an angle.
The male face is different from that of the female face. The guru effortlessly helps the learners to understand the difference in the approach taken to draw and shade male and female face. The materials used to create the artwork are HB and 2B pencils, eraser, sharpener, Art paper. The course is structured in such a way that the learners can easily learn to construct a human face in a quick and efficient manner.

You will learn

✓ The course has several lectures that are being taught by experienced artists who have taken pains to explain even the minute techniques, thus making it very easy for the learner to follow the concepts and practice.
✓ The course provides the learners a good understanding of the structure of face, front and side profile of the face, which would help them to compose any type of facial drawings easily.
✓ By completing all the levels under this course, the learners would understand the complexity of the subject and would learn the techniques of bringing energy and life to their drawings.
✓ This is a very systematic course aimed at beginners, intermediates and advanced learners who are continually facing the challenge of drawing facial features.
✓ These courses follow a highly systematic approach combined with an intuitive teaching mechanism. Hence, the learners will not face any difficult situation while learning.
✓ The learners are provided expert guidelines and solutions to the complex task of drawing front and side profile of a male or female that is full of life.
✓ By completing this course, learner will understand how to create the shadow effects on the face – both front and side profiles – under lighted condition.
✓ By completion of the course, the learners will be confident enough to draw realistic facial drawings which would be worth framing.


• The material used to create the artwork is HB and 2B pencils, eraser, sharpener, Art paper. I am also using a slanting board to support my paper. You may use a board to support your paper too.

This course is for

• Anyone who is interested in the techniques of drawing front and side profiles of human face.
• Anyone who wanted to master the portrait drawing and painting.
Your art Guru, Artists at Hobitute
We are proudly known as Hobitute artists; a team of artists who are a part of the Hobitute, an art movement. All of us have completed Masters in Fine Arts from reputed Fine Art colleges in India. We have researched the online drawing and painting education for several years before arriving at various effective mechanisms. Each one of us in Hobitute is an expert in drawing and painting with several years of experience. We have conducted and also attended various art exhibitions and camps. Our courses in UDEMY are derived from our combined power.
In our courses, we strive to explain minute techniques, to make the course easier for the learner’s to follow the concepts and practice. Neutral British English is being used as the language for communication. Unlike any conventional teaching, a systematic way of teaching is imparted, wherein a proper curriculum or pattern is followed. Lot of emphasis has been given to the techniques. We give you many options in drawing and painting for you to lead an inspired & enhanced life. Our aim is to ignite the artistic in you through our affordable courses.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 0m
Language: English
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