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Dog Training for Humans – How To Be Your Dogs Superhero

Use the power of play to better understand, enjoy and control your pet dog.
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Based on the bestselling dog training book ‘How to  Be Your Dog’s Superhero’ This course shows you how to use positive and practical methods that will help you connect, bond and better control your pet dog.  
Training and exercising your dog off lead in the park is easier and more enjoyable when your dog is focused on and wants to be with you, the owner. 
Train your dog like a dog trainer (even if you have never done any training before) 
Using the methods used my the worlds leading dog trainers like John Rogerson and David Davies you will learn how to assess you own dog and find out exactly what rewards he prefers, then Dom will show you how to use those rewards to play games and get your dog’s attention so that he follows you around the park ALL the time, even when their are birds, rabbits, dogs and other distractions around.
The course can be completed in a few days, although I would recommend you take your time and implement over at least a week to really understand what it is your dogs loves doing.
Starting with an explanation of why your dog currently does naughty things you don’t want him too (important so you don’t repeat the mistakes of the past) you then discover how dog’s learn and are shown how to conduct your own ‘Dog Audit’. The Dog Audit will give you a great understanding of what are the things your dog really enjoys, his kryptonite. In the following lectures we then use the Kryptonite to connect ,bond, play and train your dog.
Dom will then show you what and where you should train your dog. Training in the right environment is crucial to allow you dog to learn quicker and make less mistakes.
Finally you will see how you can put all of the training into practise so you can do more than just Survive the Dog Park and really start enjoying your dog again outdoors.
This course is aimed specifically at pet dog owners and dog enthusiasts. There is NO long complicated dog training jargon in this course. 
You will be able to put the kind and effective methods I teach in this course into practise with your own dog almost immediately, and quickly start enjoying exercising your dog again.
Students who complete this course will be able to much better control and have more fun with your four legged best friend. 
This course comes with a downloadable 24 page ebook and a free chapter of my best selling dog training book, ‘How to Be Your Dog’s Superhero’.

You will learn

✓ Engage your dog and keep him close to you when you take him to the park.
✓ Understand why your dog does the annoying things he does , amd how to fi it


• No prior dog training knowledge is required to complete this course, just commit some time and energy.

This course is for

• This course is for new dog owners who want to have more fun and control of their dogs off lead.
• Professional dog walkers who want to have more control of the dogs they walk
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 50m
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