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Mastering Docker

Docker Install, Create Containers, Dockerfile, Persistent Storage, Docker Networking, Docker Compose, Swarm Cluster
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Platform: Udemy
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Language: English
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Docker makes it very easy to create, deploy and run applications using containers. Containers are very small in size, very fast and their resource usage is bare minimum. Companies are very rapidly adopting Docker. In earlier days, people used to work on physical machine, then came Virtual Machines(VMs) and now it is containers everywhere. Docker is an essential component of Automation, CI/CD and DevOps.
Docker is the new buzzword in Industry. Everyone is now talking about docker. This course will start from basics of docker  and slowly and slowly will takes you to advance level of Docker in clear cut manner.
This course is going to make your docker fundamental  clear. We have create various customized diagrams and examples to make the contents of the course easy to understand.
This course covers basics of Docker, Different ways to install docker. How to work with Apache Web Server. How to work with  Nginx web server images. How to publish ports in dynamic and fixed manner. How to work with database images. What is Ephemeral and Persistent storage. How to use persistent storage. What is bind mounts and docker volumes. What are different types of docker networking modes available. How to use Dockerfile for creating custom images. How to deploy multi container applications using Docker Compose. How to install and use Docker Swarm Cluster.

You will learn

✓ Basics of Docker
✓ Docker Introduction
✓ Docker Architecture
✓ Pulling Docker Images
✓ Creating Your First Container
✓ Connectivity Between Containers
✓ Stopping & Removing Containers
✓ Removing Docker Images
✓ Different ways to install Docker
✓ Installing Docker on Ubuntu
✓ Installing Docker on CentOS
✓ Manage Docker Images
✓ Create Image by Commit
✓ Create Image by Using Dockerfile
✓ Pushing Images to Docker Hub
✓ Working with web server images
✓ Working with Apache Web Server Image
✓ Working with Nginx Web Server Image
✓ Deploy Custom Page Using Apache Web Server
✓ Deploy Custom Page Using Nginx Web Server
✓ Use Docker Registry
✓ Ephemeral vs Persistent Storage
✓ Bind Mount and Volumes
✓ Sharing Data between Containers
✓ Sharing Data in Read Only Mode
✓ Working with Database Images
✓ Using Mariadb Image
✓ Understand Docker Networking
✓ Bridge Networking
✓ Host Networking
✓ Container Network Mode Networking
✓ User Defined Networks
✓ Understand Dockerfiles
✓ Dockerfile Basics
✓ Dockerfile Multistage Build
✓ How to Use Docker Compose
✓ Docker Swarm Cluster Implementation


• Anybody with desire to Learn Docker & Enter into DevOps

This course is for

• Anyone who wants to learn Docker & Containers.
• Anyone who wants to enter into DevOps.
Linux & Cloud Engineer
Vipin Gupta is BE, Redhat Certified Engg (RHCE), Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH),  Cisco Certified (CCNA), Microsoft Certified (MCSE, MCSA). He has got more  than 25 years of experience in IT related fields. His specialization is in Networking, Security, Linux, Cloud Computing, Docker, Kubernetes and SDN. During his long career he  has been associated with various Universities, Engineering Colleges, Polytechnics, Private Institutes and Corporate Sector. He is interacting with both corporate and academic world. He is author of 2 Linux, 1 Software Defined Networking and 1 Kubernetes book. He has published more than 20 research papers in international publications. He has conducted hundreds of Workshops/STCs on various technologies.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 10h 32m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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