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DIY – Automotive Power Window Systems Schematic Diagnosis

Learn a Diagnostic Thought Process that can be Applied to Any Schematic!
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Welcome to the “Do it Yourself – Power Window Systems -Schematic Diagnostics” Course!
This Second Intermediate Course continues the Instruction started in the Beginner and First Intermediate course.
Although the main focus of this course is on Power Window System Diagnosis, the Tips and Techniques learned in this course can be applied to any Automotive Electrical Schematic.
Like my other courses, a few schematics are analyzed extensively aiming to provide a solid understanding of the fundamental concepts.
There are way too many variations of wiring diagram styles, symbols and layouts. To cover every Year, Make and Model might take a lifetime. The Good News is…. you do not have to learn every diagram one by one.  Learn the groundwork taught here in this course and apply the diagnostic thought process to your own car’s schematics. The way to get good at this is to Practice, Practice, Practice.
Of course, if you are going to be doing any work yourself on a car, it is going to require that you take some type of Hands-on course to be sure you have the skills needed and understand the necessary safety precautions. This course focuses on electrical diagnosis, not mechanical repair.
Be careful about jumping right in and testing something on your car, until you are comfortable, and feel you have acquired the skills to do so.
With that said…. Let’s get started!

You will learn

✓ Understand Basic and Intermediate Level Power Window System Schematics
✓ Learn Diagnostic Tips and Tricks to systematically narrow down the possible faults in an electrical circuit.
✓ Learn the groundwork presented here in this course and apply the diagnostic thought process to any schematics


• Although not required, it is recommended that my “Do it Yourself – Automotive Electrical Diagnosis Beginner Course” be completed first before taking this course.
• Taking my “Do it Yourself Automotive Electrical Diagnosis Intermediate Course” first may make it easier to utilize the information in this course.

This course is for

• Current Automotive Electrical Students who want to take their understanding to the next level and be able to apply what they’ve learned to other Electrical Systems.
• Do-it-Yourselfers or Anyone who wants to learn how to Diagnose Basic and Intermediate Power Window Schematics.
• Students who want to Learn a Schematic Diagnostic Process to systematically determine what is wrong, instead of Guessing and Changing Parts
Innovative Instructor and Automotive Electrical Expert
I am a fully Certified Master Automotive Technician by ASE (Automotive Service Excellence)  and Scored 100% on the Electrical/Electronic Systems Certification Test. 
I have been a coach and teacher for most of my life, training students both young and old.  In my 26 years of experience as an Expert Diagnostic and Repair Technician for Automotive Dealerships, I was the go to guy for vehicles with problems that no one else could fix, as well as a Shop Foreman and Instructor of fellow technicians.  More recently, I have educated students for almost 10 years as an Instructor of Automotive, Electrical, and Electronics systems at a Technical School in NY.  While there I received a Recognition Award as Top Instructor for being able to get through to students that others thought could not succeed.
To me Teaching should be about:
Getting the Students Involved in the Learning Experience.
Lecturing with a Purpose, not just to show how much you know.
Teaching in a way that lets students realize “I can do this”, not how hard it is.
I am Passionate about what I do – I am here to teach and take Great Pride in every Light Bulb I Can Turn on.

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 37m
Language: English
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