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How IKIGAI 2.0 can get you & your business through #COVID

If #COVID has turned your career or business on its head then IKIGAI 2.0 is exactly what you need right now!
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If COVID-19 has turned your career or business on its head, as it has done for countless millions around the world, then this IKIGAI 2.0 course is probably exactly what you need right now.
Here’s why we say this.
When New Zealand closed its border in March 2020, tens of thousands of people in the hospitality and tourism industries found that, overnight, they had lost their major customers, the overseas visitor. How could they possibly survive?
Some operators quickly adapted and redesigned their products and services to cater for the increased volume in domestic tourism due to New Zealanders no longer being able to holiday abroad.
Many just scrambled to find any job that would give them a paycheque.
But something else completely unforeseen happened. A really large number of people regarded the disruption that COVID brought to their lives, not as a curse, but as a unique opportunity to do something completely different.
COVID had shown them just how quickly things can change in life and so they decided that they were no longer going to spend any more time working in careers or businesses that they were not passionate about and that did not truly inspire them.
That is the approach that we chose to take. We became crystal clear on what our passions are.
To do this we took time out and applied the processes that this IKIGAI 2.0 course teaches to identify what we each were truly passionate about.
The really good news is, for us and for all IKIGAI 2.0 students, that these processes work. They truly do!
John found he had a passion for poetry and a passion for storytelling. Combining these, he wrote three children’s books during the year.
Pam rediscovered her passion for creativity through fabrics and started a business called Kiwi Aroha (which means Love from New Zealand) creating attractive face masks with a distinctive Kiwiana theme, through which people could send love and protection to family and friends around the world.
That is what this IKIGAI 2.0 can do for you. It will help YOU find YOUR passions and show you how you can use these to land an inspirational new job or build an inspirational business.
When we first created and published this IKIGAI 2.0 course in January 2020, the term COVID was unknown to anyone, so it is not to in the course materials.
However, the processes that IKIGAI 2.0 teaches will help you build a completely new and inspirational career or business path no matter what COVID is doing in your part of the world.
So, if you have ever dared to imagine that you could build your dream business or land your dream job doing something that you are truly passionate about, then you will LOVE this IKIGAI 2.0 course as it teaches you exactly how to go about doing this.
Every day, you will be doing what you love, loving what you do and getting handsomely rewarded for it,
The processes and techniques of IKIGAI 2.0 will work for you no matter where you currently are in your business or career. It works for all of the following:
•You want to start a new business from scratch.
•You are currently operating as a self-employed, sole trader and want to grow it and make it more enjoyable.
•You are already running your own business and want it to be more inspirational to your team and customers.
•You are working as a contractor and want to be able to land contracts linked to your passions.
•Working as an employee for someone else and want to find passion in what you do.
Because we want to make IKIGAI 2.0 available to as many people as possible, we are capping the maximum price at just $19.99.
All we ask in return is that, if you like what it teaches, that you give us a nice, positive review.
If at any point you have any questions, please do not hesitate to message us.
We wish you every success with this new journey that you are setting out on.
John and Pam

You will learn

✓ In this course you will learn how to use IKIGAI 2.0 to turn the business chaos caused by COVID from a game stopper to a game changer and end up with a business or job that you are truly passionate about.


• There are no special requirements or prerequisites required for this course.

This course is for

• Anyone who wants to live an awesome life doing what they love doing and making a positive impact in the world.
Business Mentor and International Author and Speaker
John has an international reputation as an inspirational and transformational writer, speaker, coach and mentor. He is passionate about helping people to find and identify what it is that they love doing most, what they are passionate about! He then helps them to build and expand businesses that turn their passion into profits, enabling them to live the life of their dreams.
He is renowned for his ability to coach and mentor both technical and non-technical people at all levels. He regularly writes and blogs on a broad range of inspirational subjects both in his own blog and as a guest writer.
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Platform: Udemy
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