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Developmental Psychology

Improve your life and yourself with psychology.
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The ultimate purpose of this course is to educate aspiring psychologists, sociologists, general knowledge seekers and those who wish to know what it is that make humans do the things that we do. This informative course tracks the developmental process and progress of humans from birth to adulthood and maybe even death. This course is truly eye-opening and seeks to make one more aware of the impact developmental factors have had on current the state of our persona. By the end of this course you should enter the world with a new way of thinking and interact with others differently. Here, you will find the teachings of great minds like Urie Bronfenbrenner, Erik Erikson and Jean Piaget, debates and theories that will genuinely get you thinking and scientific or biological facts that’ll change your way of cognition. This is an excellent course for those uncertain about choosing psychology as a study, and for those who simply want a mental refresher.
Take your time, redo as many aspects of this course as you’d like and remember to have fun. As you learn about developmental psychology, remember to apply these teachings to yourself before assessing anybody else. You are your priority and achieving your best self is the goal.

You will learn

✓ This will educate students on what Developmental Psychology is and how it has played a major role your lives without you even realizing it.
✓ Not only will you learn about others, you’ll learn about yourself.
✓ You’ll learn how to apply this knowledge to your daily life in order to navigate the world better.


• Understanding the basics of Biology and Chemistry would be helpful to you.
• A love for psychology.

This course is for

• Aspiring psychologists
• Psychology at students the Associates level
• People who just love psychology.
Psychology, a path to self-knowledge.
About me? I’m a psychology tutor and student from the West Indies who wants to make a living out of educating people about psychology and all it entails. I seek to spread knowledge about all things psychological as the public doesn’t really know much and I strongly believe that having a basic knowledge about psychology can greatly help how you live your daily life.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 57m
Language: English
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