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Design & Create Your Ideal Life: A Real Self-Coaching Course

A real coaching training for people who want to be their own coach and finally start getting what they want in life.
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This course will take you to a whole new way of thinking and living.
I put it together so that more people like you, can access the wisdom and strategies that the most successful people and leaders naturally have.
This is what most people don’t know about great achievers and leaders:
•They all have around 200 bones, just like you.
•They all have around 600 muscles, just like you.
•And they all have around the same amount of neurons as you do.

So what makes them different than you? Why is it that they achieve more, faster and easier?
It’s because of the mental programs they have and the strategies they use when it comes to what they want.
And what we do in Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, is to study and decode these mental strategies so that anyone else can use them as well, and get the same kind of results.

By the end of this course, you will be able to use your mind in a more efficient and effective way, saving precious time, energy and resources, as you create a life you love and feel inspired by. 
Each section has an explanatory lesson and an lesson where I guide you through the application of each part of the coaching process as you apply it to yourself.

I look forward to seeing you inside. 

You will learn

✓ Why you haven’t been able to achieve all that you want.
✓ You’ll create a vision of the best version of yourself and your life.
✓ A real step-by-step coaching model, based on the best methodologies out there and in real evidence and experience.
✓ How to set goals as a real coach.
✓ Programming your subconscious mind to work for you.
✓ Find what’s really stopping you from getting what you want.
✓ How to create solutions out of nowhere.
✓ How to strategize your actions.
✓ How to take action that is sustainable and that builds on itself.
✓ How to persevere in the face of ‘failure’.


• An open mind.
• Willingness to take action.
• Being able to print the course’s Workbooks.

This course is for

• You want to start getting more in life.
• You want to achieve more, or achieve more efficiently.
• You want to accelerate your progress and success in life and in your career.
• You want to make things easier, for yourself.
• You want to design and create a life you love and feel inspired by.
• Or, you are interested in coaching and would like to become your own coach.
Transformational Coach, Trainer & Speaker
Hi, my name is Juan, and I am a seasoned transformational coach, trainer, and speaker. I consider myself a guide; someone who accompanies you, who walks with you side-by-side in your own journey of self-discovery, personal transformation and evolution.
I work with professionals, managers and leaders who take their personal development seriously and want to accelerate their evolution of consciousness, to live from a deep sense of connection, inner-peace, and love.
What do I do? I basically help people transform the way their minds work, finally overcoming all that excessive thinking and negative feelings that take away their energy and peace of mind. The result is always the same: life becomes easier and much more enjoyable, and they start living from a place of authenticity, freedom, fulfillment, and positive impact.
How do I do this? By guiding you through a transformational journey of self-discovery and deep personal growth, that puts your wellbeing and personal power back in your own hands. This journey transforms the way you see yourself, others, and life itself.
Why do I do it? Because suffering and limitations are a choice. And when we allow ourselves to let go of limiting patterns we learned in the past, we tap into our immense potential for joy, wellbeing, and positive impact. We thrive… And when we thrive, the world does too.

It’s great to meet you.
I invite you to follow me and connect. Let’s walk together this incredible journey we call life…
Cheers to you and our bright futures!
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 33m
Language: English
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