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Design a Kinetic Sculpture using Fusion 360

Learn the proper way to design working Kinetic Sculptures in Fusion 360 by designing Struggling Sisyphus Sculpture
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Student’s Testimonial for Create a Kinetic Sculpture in Fusion 360 – Vol.1

“This is a great course for anyone looking to explore creating a kinetic sculpture using free software and new to 3D CAD. Mahmoud does a great job of showing step by step instructions on how to create animations using four-bar linkages. 
The detailed explanations break down the visualization of Coupler curves, how to create a 3D design based off a 2D image and how to fine tune the animation of your sculpture. The only thing I wish it went into is how to motorize sculptures like this and how to gear the linkages together but I’m guessing thats what volume 2 is about! 
I’m very pleased with this course and give it a 5 out of 5!” — Rob Burke

“Sisyphus, the king of Ephyra, is punished by being forced to roll and immense boulder up a hill only for it to roll away when near the top repeating his this action for eternity.” Or so the legend say…
This course is inspired by the word done first by Dave Johnson and later Disney Research group to put the mythical story of Sisyphus into a Kinetic Sculpture that describes the agony of his punishment. This course will teach you the methodology that you can follow to create this Kinetic Sculpture and ANY kinetic concept that you can imagine in Fusion 360. The course uses the work of Disney Research group as a reference from which to study the motion of Sisyphus and to duplicate it in Fusion 360 while also using GIM software. 
In Section one you will learn about Fourbar Linkages, Coupler Curves and GIM software. This course will teach you how to use the functionality of GIM software with Fusion 360 to design any crazy motion that you could think of. This methodology will be the main focus of Section two. Each stop of the methodology will be outlined and demonstrated later in Fusion 360. The methodology makes use of the flexible Top-Down design approach in Fusion 360. Each Mechanism is driven by two Sketches in Fusion 360. This makes the changes later to the mechanism and the output motion VERY simple. The power of Fusion 360 used with the power of Coupler Curves design in GIM software will open up a whole new possibilities for your designs.
In Section three, the previously outlined design methodology is applied to the walking mechanism in the sculpture. I will walk you step by step explaining each tool as I use it with my “floating” walking head videos. This course will teach you so much about advanced ways to extrude bodies in Fusion 360 and how to structure a very complex assembly in Fusion 360 so that later changes can be easily done and traced.
In Section four the same methodology is applied to design the body mechanism. This time the body Mechanism is done using the same two sketches technique and illustrated in step by step guide with floating talking head. In Section five the timing between the mechanisms is of essential importance. The focus is on getting the final motion right and true to the first imagined “Struggling” Sisyphus.

You will learn

✓ Build a parametric model of the Sisyphus Struggling Sculpture in Fusion 360.
✓ Use GIM Software with Fusion 360 to design different coupler curves.
✓ Design New Kinetic Sculpture using the method outlined in the course.
✓ Learn how to integrate the capablities of GIM with the capablities of Fusion 360.
✓ Be able to analyze the motion of any sculpture and formulate the required parameters to make their design work.
✓ Bring your mechanical design to life by following the design methodolgy taught in the course.
✓ Use advanced extrusion techniques in Fusion 360.
✓ Be able to sketch complex assembly in one Sketch in Fusion 360.
✓ Master the top-down design approach in Fusion 360.
✓ Use the synthesis module in GIM software to design different coupler curves shape


• Intermediate knowledge of Fusion 360
• Passion for Kinetic Scluptures
• Passion for Mechanical Assemblies
• Good grasp of basic geometry.

This course is for

• Anyone who likes to design mechanical assemblies.
• Anyone who wants to up their Fusion 360 game.
• Anyone fascinated with Kinetic Sculptures.
• Anyone who like to learn how to design walking cycles using mechanical components
• Those who wish to pursue a career in mechanical design
Self-taught developer, Mechanical Designer and researcher
I’m a mechanical design engineer with 6 years of experience working with various CAD softwares. I have diverse experience designing mechanical systems in different industries. Mechanism Design is my key area of interest and expertise. I am also a self-taught web-developer. I work with React and Typescript on a daily basis.
I love teaching what I know and helping people. I’m very passionate about cool mechanisms. I am also passionate about software and programming. Frontend in particular.  I prefer quality over quantity. I promote deep understanding through explaining why things are made the way they are. 
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 34m
Language: English
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