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DEF Scuba Explorer Instructor Manual

Academic foundation to efficiently and safely teach courses of the DEF Scuba Explorer program
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Platform: Udemy
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This online class preapres candidates wishing to participate in a DEF Instructor Training, as welll as supports efficient and safe Dive training courses planning.
This support tool keep DEF Instructor up to date with changes and the latest materials available for DEF Scuba Explorer training program such as :
Workbooks your student needs to organize properly the training progression.
DEF Scuba Explorer Program Outlines with content and requirements for each course.
Playbooks with a detailed day to day schedule example to help Instructors efficiently organize DEF Scuba Explorer courses.
In this Online course the candidates get an inside view of the DEF
Origins highlighting the motivations and reasoning for creating the Scuba Explorer program.
Philosophy behind the Scuba Explorer training program.
Teaching Method developed and utilize by DEF Instructors.

You will learn

✓ Recognize DEF Teaching Method
✓ Identify the differences between courses in the Scuba Explorer Program
✓ Organize, Plan and Teach efficient and succesful courses of the DEF Scuba Explorer program
✓ Take advantage of the Instructor Playbooks to follow a guideline to teach efficient courses of the DEF Scuba Explorer program
✓ Consult and use as reference this Online Manual of DEF Instructor polices and procedures


• Must be proficient at following Instruction from a PDF outline
• This Online Course is International version in English

This course is for

• Instructor Candidates wishing to teach the Scuba Explorer program
• Current OW Instructors aiming to Crossover to the DEF Scuba Explorer program
• This is not academic support for individuals taking a diver course of the DEF Scuba Explorer program
IDREO Asia Region
IDREO Asia Regional Office for IDREO Exploration Dive Team in Asia. Create the safe and efficient explorer by seminar and training. Support AAP Accident Analysis Project by IDREO .
Instructor Trainer for IDREO in Asia Region . Responsibility for the training standard for future IDREO Instructor in Asia Region. Support the Team growing in every region.
Platform: Udemy
Video: 56m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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