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Data Analysis with Oracle Analytic Functions

Learn data analysis by using Oracle Analytic functions to manipulate data
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There is a demand for people who can use data to perform analysis thus helping businesses and organizations make important and critical decisions.
SQL stands for Structure Query Language. It is an internationally standard language used to communicate with various databases for data manipulation.  SQL is vital for data analysis .
In this beginners course we will be using analytic functions to perform data analysis from an Oracle database .
Analytic functions compute an aggregate value based on a group of rows. They differ from aggregate functions in that they return multiple rows for each group. The group of rows is called a window and is defined by the analytic clause. For each row, a sliding window of rows is defined. The window determines the range of rows used to perform the calculations for the current row. Window sizes can be based on either a physical number of rows or a logical interval such as time.
Analytic functions are commonly used to compute cumulative, moving, centred, and reporting aggregates.
In this course we learn the syntax used to write analytic functions which includes the use of Partition By and
Order By.
The analytic functions we will use for our data analysis include:
    • Dense Rank Function
    • Rank Function
    • First and Last Function
    •  LAG Function
    • LEAD Function
    • LISTAGG Functions
    • ROW Number Functions
    • Windowing Clause
    Using analytic functions for data analysis can help provide answers to business solutions :
    •   Who are the top ten sales-reps in each region?
    •   How many employees in an organization
    •   How many employees earn less than 45K in an organization
    •   How many new employees joined the company in the past 18 months
    •   What goods are flying off the supermarket shelves and so on..

You will learn

✓ Write and understand the syntax for analytic functions
✓ Analyse data with Rank Function
✓ Analyse data with First and Last Function
✓ Analyse data with LAG Function
✓ Analyse data with LISTAGG Function
✓ Analyse data with Row Number Function
✓ Analyse data with LEAD Function
✓ Analyse data with Windowing Clause


• You should have a basic SQL knowledge

This course is for

• Analyst
• Big Data Professionals
• Data Warehourse beginners
• Students
• Recent Graduates
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 39m
Language: English
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