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Daily Chinese for Beginners – 5 sentences a day DAY1-20

5 daily Chinese sentences covering all aspects of daily life. 每天5句中文日常用语,涵盖日常生活的方方面面。
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Learn 5 Sentences a Day is designed to enable students to master basic conversations and improve their ability to communicate in Chinese in a short period of time.
The course contains thousands of sentences commonly used in daily life. Learning at a pace of 100 sentences per month, 25 sentences per week, and 5 sentences per day, learners can access the course in a cafe, on the subway, or in any place they like, in the way they prefer, without feeling stressed or difficult. Of course, Learners can adjust their learning at their own pace.
Learn 5 Sentences a Day contains a large number of core vocabulary words, most of which are used frequently in everyday life. Learners will also meet a large number of basic grammatical structures and rules for using the language.
The lessons are presented in a series of videos , each video is 3-4 minutes long and learners can watch them over and over again until they become proficient. The length of the videos allows learners to take advantage of fragments of time throughout the day. The best features of the videos are:
1. Each sentence is accompanied by an animation or picture to aid the learner’s memory and to add interest.
2. Key vocabulary is explained separately, and the whole sentence is also provided with English translation to help learners understand and compare the difference in sentence structure between Chinese and English.
3. After learning the five sentences, a practice session is provided in which learners can see the meaning of the sentences in English and have some time to think and recall them, so that learners can test their mastery and increase the challenge and fun of learning.
I hope that through this easy-to-start course, learners will enjoy the process of learning Chinese and speak it with confidence!

You will learn

✓ Learners can familiarize themselves with everyday Chinese conversation to ensure they express themselves correctly in daily life and work
✓ Learners are more confident in using authentic expressions for everyday language
✓ Learners can practice listening as they learn
✓ Learners can see the English explanations as they learn, making it easier for them to compare the differences between Chinese and English expressions
✓ Learners can become familiar with pinyin and Chinese characters in learning


• No Chinese language skills required

This course is for

• Learners who want to improve their overall Chinese level especially in speaking
• Learners who want to achieve proficient in daily communication
• Learners who are interested in Chinese language and cluture
• Learners who will be living in China or are already living in China
Certified Chinese and Science Teacher in US and UK
I am a Chinese teacher with many years of experience teaching online and offline, and I have qualified to teach Chinese and Science in Hawaii and Illinois in the US, China, and the UK. My lessons start with simple and daily used phrases, without explaining too much about complex phonetics and grammar. Learners can be more quickly immersed in the Chinese language and easily gain a sense of learning accomplishment, thus helping them to speak Chinese more confidently. 我是一名拥有多年线上和线下教学经验的中文老师,我在中国,美国的夏威夷和伊利诺伊州,以及英国都取得了中文和科学的教师资格。我的课程从简单和常用的句子开始,不过多解释复杂的语音和语法,让学习者能更快的融入中文的环境,轻松获得学习的成就感,从而帮助他们能更自信的开口说中文。
Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 7m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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