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Customer Success 201

Elevate your level of Customer Success
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Successfully landed a job in Customer Success (CS)? Or maybe you feel like you’ve started stagnating in your new role as a Customer Success professional? 
This course will prepare you for a role in CS as well as elevate your current level by highlighting the key areas of focus in a framework for you and your customers: Partner, Monitor, Engage, Iterate, Sell, and Daily Operations. Starting with the basics, we will walk through the expectations of the role and provide helpful tips and tricks to put you and your organization in a position to succeed. Exercises will accompany key sections so that you can take the learnings and implement them at your own company.

What makes this course different from other Customer Success courses? 
The course focuses on Customer Success specifically within SaaS organizations that are pioneering this new industry (a perspective missing from other courses). Gain valuable insights from two instructors who have ten years of combined first-hand Customer Success experience at various SaaS companies in North America, Australia, and Europe. During this time, they’ve interviewed, hired and built Customer Success teams. While other courses are taught by instructors not in or far removed from their time in the industry, your instructors from this course continue to live, learn, and teach. Using this knowledge, they provide information, best practices, and exercises that they’ve learned throughout their career so you’re in the best position to succeed.

You will learn

✓ Knowledge to develop a career in Customer Success
✓ The foundations needed to succeed as a Customer Success Manager
✓ Techniques and tips to effectively and strategically engage with your customer portfolio
✓ Elevate your current level of Customer Success


• Basic understanding about Customer Success
• Understanding of SaaS companies

This course is for

• People in organizations curious to learn the deeper details about Customer Success
• People looking to make a career change and further understand the Customer Success function
• People relatively new to the industry looking to elevate their current level of Customer Success
Partner at Leva Consulting | Customer Success
I’ve had the good fortune to help establish and grow Customer Success (CS) teams across multiple companies and geographic locations which include North America and Australia. Although I come from a technical background and began my career as a consultant, I’ve enjoyed the world of CS and would like to share the knowledge I’ve gained thus far.
With the help of a close friend, Fred Leong, we’ve opened a consulting firm ‘Leva Consulting’ that focuses on assisting individuals and small companies to begin their journey with CS.
Outside of this, I can be found tinkering with my grandmother’s recipes and enjoying the outdoors.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 25m
Language: English
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