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CSS Bootcamp – Master CSS (CSS Grid / CSS Flexbox)

CSS Course - Project Based CSS Tutorial. Learn how to create modern, responsive websites using CSS / CSS Grid / Flexbox
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 11h 30m
Language: English
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The Complete CSS Course on Udemy!!!
“CSS Bootcamp – Master in CSS (Including CSS Grid / Flexbox)”.
If you want to learn how to create modern, beautiful and real-world websites using just pure CSS, then this is the right course for you.
1. CSS Basics
2. Advanced CSS
3. Flexbox
4. Project 1 – “Grand Hotel” (Based on Flexbox)
5. CSS Grid
6. Project 2 – “Furniture Website” (Based on CSS Grid)
Course consists of several sections. You will start from CSS essentials, in which you will meet some basic topics. Then after finishing basic part, you will move on to advanced CSS, where you will be able to learn advanced things in CSS, such as: backgrounds, transitions, transforms, animations, shadows and much more.
Advanced CSS section will be followed by CSS Flexbox part, in which you will learn about how to create layout of your web page using CSS Flexbox. After Flexbox section, we will build our first project – “Grand Hotel”. It will be a real-world, modern-looking and beautiful web page about hotel. Layout of this project will be fully created using CSS Flexbox.
Next, you will move on to CSS Grid. In which you will learn about this new powerful layout module. And lastly, we will build another big project based on CSS Grid.
Each project built throughout the course, will be fully responsive for all screen device.
Throughout the course, you will meet detailed explanations about how bootstrap works, also, you will introduce to modern practices and solutions.
Get fast and friendly support from instructors 24/7.

You will learn

✓ You will start from basics of CSS, where you will learn things like: CSS selectors, CSS combinators, coloring, inheritance, box model, positions and much more..
✓ After finishing Basic CSS section, you will meet to advanced CSS topics, such as: backgrounds, transitions, transforms, animations, shadow effects and etc.
✓ You will learn how to align elements using modern CSS modules, like CSS Flexbox and CSS Grid.
✓ Throughout the course you will be building big, real-world, modern-looking and beautiful projects.
✓ After finishing the course, you will be able to build your own modern, beautiful websites using pure CSS


• Code Editor
• Modern Web Browser
• Desire to become CSS Expert and better Front End web Developer / Designer

This course is for

• Students with zero experience in CSS
• Students who have some basic knowledge in CSS and want to get deep understanding in CSS
• Everyone who wants to become Master in CSS
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 11h 30m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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