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Creativity: Organise Your Creativity

Creativity needs to be organised to be effective - this course shows you step by step how to maximise your creativity
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Creativity is something we often take for granted, yet a deeper understanding of how to organise it provides an enormous boost to our creativity and creative production. 
By taking this course, you’ll get your creativity organised and see a huge boost in your overall creativity and productivity!
As a filmmaker, I’ve had to dive deep into all manner of techniques and tools over the years to keep myself and teams organised, provoke creativity in myself and others, marshal disparate ideas and flashes of inspiration into sequences that make sense and are productive and keep a creative workflow humming smoothly to enable the best possible publication and sharing of Ideas That Matter (as Seth Godin would say).
Now, you can benefit from these creativity insights and knowledge.
The course essentially divides into two halves: A Creative Method and the Tools to Get the Job Done.
Though the tool recommendations are based around the Mac platform, you’ll find PC versions or equivalents for almost all of them available. Therefore, if you are a PC/Windows user, don’t worry – you’ll still get great benefit out of this course.
The lessons on Creative Approach and Method are cross-platform.
The course is designed to be of use to a wide spectrum of creatives and those who might think go themselves as non-creative (even though you really are!). You won’t need to have any foreknowledge or specialised glossary to understand the lessons inside this course.
The course should not take you more than 3 hours to complete, and at the end of it you will have a very good understanding of how to significantly boost your own creativity and creative accomplishments.

You will learn

✓ Understand the Creative Process
✓ Know how to Fire your Creativity
✓ Understand Why Creative Organisation Matters
✓ Know how to rapidly Organise Ideas and Inspiration into an Optimum Workflow
✓ Know the best tools for Creative Workflow
✓ Know how to set up a Creative ‘Publishing’ System


• Pen, paper and an Open Mind
• Software and App recommendations are made in this course, but are not required to follow the course

This course is for

• Creatives
• Writers
• Filmmakers
• Entrepreneurs
• Business owners
• Artists
• Musicians
• Storytellers
• Students
Documentary Film Director, Writer & Founder of Brilliantio
Paul is an award-winning international documentary film director whose films have been watched by millions of people worldwide. Over a career spanning twenty years, he gained a reputation for international documentary films shown on the BBC, ARTE, PBS, NHK, and other major television networks, plus at leading film festivals. Among the films: ‘The Warning’, ‘The Russian Revolution’ and ‘Slaves of the Sword’.After a successful career in documentary film, Paul dedicated his time to passing on his expertise in a way affordable for everyone. His online courses count over 40,000 students in 168 countries. He was approached by several authors and ended up narrating twenty-six audiobooks. In 2019, Paul founded Brilliantio as a publisher of Ideas That Matter.Show moreShow less
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 10m
Language: English
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