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Creative Wrestler Development Course

Train to be a Wrestler....We Guide you towards being a Superstar
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Platform: Udemy
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The Creative Wrestler Development course can be described as a unique and innovative initiative to help upcoming and current wrestlers who wish to pursue pro wrestling in promotions in understanding and developing the second most important building block after learning the combat art form of the squared circle in TV shows and promotions- CREATIVE. A highly informative & lifelong guiding tool for them, the CWDC would focus on the importance of creative in their careers, how to begin with a creative character and learning some distinct methods to develop it, the art of Promo delivery, ways to marketing from the early beginnings to the later stages and winning over the fans of wrestling along with a lot of other creative aspects that would be highly beneficial in their journey in the wrestling world. The course has the potential to change the careers of wrestlers all across the world with an aim to approach their quest in a new and contrasting way.

The importance of having a well-developed creative character in the wrestling promotions/sports entertainment industry is often considered as one of the most important aspects for any wrestler to succeed in the business. A person may be able to define gravity or have the strongest outlook with the most refined wrestling skills, but even that would tend to fail in the sports entertainment business without a highly compelling creative on-screen presence with the ability to connect with the audience at the maximum level they can.
The unique style of CWDC to help you develop that intriguing gimmick and all its related aspects combined with all the creative knowledge related to various sections of the wrestling world that you won’t be able to find anywhere else and mostly it would act as a lifelong guiding tool for the entire duration of your wrestling career right from the start to the very end bringing about various evolutions and changes at every major point as you progress in your quest of becoming a huge wrestling star.

The vision with the Creative Wrestler Development Course is to help hundreds of aspiring, upcoming and current wrestlers from anywhere in the world to:
1) Build intriguing and creatively sound characters
2) Developing overall onscreen personalities which can get over with the audience
3) The art of Promo Delivery and its various parameters
4) Importance of creative aspects for a wrestler’s career
5) How to add layers to characters, evolving them at every major stage to keep them relevant
6) Importance of storylines in promotions and how they can play a part in developing it with the top management of the companies.
7) Ways to maximize reach among the masses on their own

You will learn

✓ Importance of Creative in Wrestling/Sports Entertainment
✓ On-screen Character Development, aspects, costume design, cost effective ways
✓ The Art of Promo Delivery- Real life examples, various aspects, Promo reviews, Key points
✓ Promotion at every stage from beginner to expert level
✓ Key Points 4Life in wrestling career- Layer Addition, Evolution, Career of relevance, Voice your opinion and more


• No experience needed. Only passion to become a Wrestling star and the willingness to learn the most important block to succeed apart from wrestling training

This course is for

• Pro Wrestling Beginners/ Mid level/ Current Wrestlers
• Sports Entertainment Aspirants
Entrepreneur/ Creative Strategist/Architect/
Nikunj Walia is an Indian Architect, entrepreneur, creative strategist, and founder of the most unique fan platform for wrestling fans of India “Wrestlefanent” and a lifelong wrestling fan. He has brought a revolution in the wrestling world with his platform, worked with brands like WWE & ROH with an aim to continue it at a national and international level.He drew inspiration to start his own unique fan platform and work in the industry after working a desk job as an architect for over 2 years to save for an ultimate fan expedition to the USA to watch Wrestlemania 35 and all its related shows live, fulfilling a childhood dream in the process.
Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 32m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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