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Create Visual Presentations that bring the WOW!

We'll make sure you leave this course being able to visualise a wow experience!
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Making a point. Getting people together. Untangling complexity. All basic skills of the modern professional. Being able to draw, design and visualise your strategy, project, situation or idea could be your next super power?!
We have given this training all over the world and based on that experience we dare to promise you that after this course you can draw a plan, design a project or visualise a proces. Thé key ingredients to make things happen and create an impact!
That’s why we are so keen to share our tips & tricks with you today. Let’s get started right away. Grab a pen & paper and we’re on.
After almost two decades of being a professional designer I have come to a powerful, yet easy-by-step method, to create visual presentations. Helping meetings and teams by making stuff visual is impactful and above all fun!
In this course I will share practical tools, tips & tricks and the method that allows you to start right now!
Really you don’t need to be an artist or a visual talent since this will nót be about making pretty pictures but more about getting your message across… or about finding what your idea or message is really about! I will provide you with a whole set of power icons so you can find your with any topic.
I will help you to boost your visual skills and helpt to at least double your performance. How does that sound!?
High Five!

You will learn

✓ Create your own Visual that will ‘WOW ‘people!
✓ A step-by-step approach to create your own visual presentation
✓ Bring your point across effectively
✓ Learn how to get ‘buy-in’ and support for your presentation


• If you can write your own name and draw a circle, square and triangle you are good to go!
• Just take a pen, piece of paper and maybe a colorfull marker.
• Already good at drawing? Nope… not a prerequisite.

This course is for

• Project managers who want to share about their process
• Consultants and facilitators who need to show the process they work with
• People who lead teams or projects, who have ideas they want to share or work on collectively.
• People who want to reflect and find the essence of a certain situation, project, idea to decide on next steps.
• People who like to boost their creative confidence and creative capacities.
Connecting people, one visual at the time. High Five!
Jefta brings energy, enthusiasm and positive thinking. He has a natural interest in people and what excites them. Visualizing is his SUPER POWER. Over the course of two decades he has create a remarkably effective (and fun!) way to visualize the essence of any topic.His methods are easy yet powerful and are explained step-by-step.
As a trainer he loves to help you reach your next level. Driven and  motivate he is constantly working to update his course material and connect with students.
With a Msc degree in Industrial Design Engineering Jefta has mastered the art and science of Design Thinking. Combine this with many years of experience as a vision facilitator and you got someone who can explain any complex topic in simple terms.
Jefta works in the Netherlands with several ministries of the national government, banks and multinationals. He’s featured in many online articles and in national advertorials. Wherever communication becomes difficult and people miss a shared vision, he’s the one to call.
His vision is that humans can overcome any challenge as long as we work together. Working visual is essential in this.
Because working visual is the one skill that unlocks all other 21st century skills like creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking.
In the Udemy courses he shares his practical & powerful methods with the world.
High Five!

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 50m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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