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Create B2B Sales Cold Calling Scripts & Value Propositions

B2B Sales Skill: Create Personalized Talk Tracks for Sales Reps that Win more Prospects and Close more Deals
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>> The fastest-growing Sales Training Series on Udemy! Learn directly from an actual Sales Director of Training for a Fortune 500 Company!  The material inside is currently being taught at the highest level in the Fortune 500 sales space.  You can’t afford to miss this! <<
How do you know if the talk tracks you’re using to set appointments and close clients are good enough?
In this part of SALES in 21 DAYS Program, you will learn how to create value propositions that help you in all parts of your sales career.  What you say to get clients interested in meeting with you is important and the better your sales skills are, the more effective you will become.  At client meetings you have moments to connect what they care about most to what you could offer them.  When closing, there is a transfer of excitement and the importance of them remembering why your product or service is special.   Get ready to learn sales techniques of how to create and structure value propositions, phone cold calling talk tracks and elevator pitches that will result in higher commissions.  
Peter, VP of Sales said: “Derek’s series on Sales are great on their own, but when taken together they make for a rounded experience covering the sales cycle in great detail. Derek is highly competent as a sales trainer, and while I’ve taken a lot of sales courses on Udemy, the courses by Derek stands head and shoulders above the rest.”
Jessica says: “This was a fantastic course! I’ve always had trouble putting my talk track together, and stumbled through my elevator pitch. I loved the tips, the process given AND the documents attached are super helpful!”
Rachel says: “Really valuable videos!! The instructor really explained the whole progress of how to create the value proposition in an easy to implement way, and the scenarios also made it easy for me to understand. The take aways were a great bonus too!”
Colleen says: “Very informative and relevant to real life situations”
Chris says: “It’s giving me a lot of good tips to keep me motivated and improve my sales.”
Learn directly from a highly successful Fortune 500 sales coach who has trained hundreds of sales reps, sales managers and vice presidents in their sales careers.  The sales strategies you will learn are still being taught in the sales training classroom today.  

You will learn

✓ Learn directly from an ACTUAL Sales Director of Training for a Fortune 500 Company!
✓ Learn the IMPORTANCE of Value Propositions and Why They Could Be the KEY to Increasing Your Sales Results!!
✓ Easily Apply Fundamental Sales Techniques that Separate Your Product or Service From Other Vendors
✓ Understand The 4 STEP Framework to Use to Create Sales Value Propositions
✓ Discover How to DELIVER a Value Proposition in a Way Your Customer WILL REMEMBER IT
✓ How to Create a COLD CALLING TALK TRACK to set appointments from Scratch!
✓ How to Create an ELEVATOR PITCH for your product or service


• This course is meant for anyone in the field of sales

This course is for

• All students who wish to increase their commissions and sell more of their product or service
• This course is for anyone in sales who wants to learn the fundamentals for creating talk tracks, cold calling scripts, and customized elevator pitches
We Help Individuals Become Top Sales Performers
Hi there, I’m Derek and I’m the President of Modern Sales Training.
For the past 17 years, I’ve been working for Xerox Corporation and helping develop business to business (B2B) sales reps and sales managers into consistent top performers. Now I do that for people all over the world.
You can learn all about how we do that inside my newest sales training program, Sales In 21 Days.
If you want to learn how to sell from someone who actually does this for a living, then you’ve come to the right place. I can’t wait to join you on your journey.
I will be sharing concepts that I use in my classroom and from field relevant performance. I don’t just teach people how to sell, I also have to go out and show them how it’s done. I don’t train in theory. Just in what works. My style of training will be a “talking head” format where I will be speaking directly to you (like a one on one coaching format) rather than speaking to a PowerPoint.
If you have any questions please submit them in the Q&A sections or you can Message me. I’m happy to help!
Business to Business Sales Training: On Udemy I have (3) courses that are available. 
Create Cold Calling Talk Tracks & Value Propositions
Cold Calling for Sales Reps: How to Prospect over the Phone
B2B Sales Objections Simplified
I will be bringing in concepts, strategies and techniques that fit the B2B selling environment you will actually face out there. Although I have trained hundreds of eager sales professionals, managers and VPs, I know there are more out there who could benefit from learning about how to sell in the world today.
I worked for over 17 years in the B2B sales world at Xerox Corporation and during that time I have received honors in many areas including being recognized as the Top Sales Rep in the Western Region, top Sales Manager honors, and in my later years I was responsible for the design and implementation of all sales development for $200M arm of Xerox in the Western United States. During my tenure, I have won Sales President’s club 13 times in a row. I have learned how to be highly successful in business to business sales in today’s modern selling age.
“I look forward to working with you to help you sharpen your sales skills in 2022!”
– Derek
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 55m
Language: English
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