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Course 1 – Starting Your Grants Journey

Fund-Raising: Grants Acquisition and Compliance
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Welcome to my 1st Course in a series of lectures on Grants Acquisition and Compliance that will prepare you to be a strong candidate for recruitment by a non-profit – or – to get that much sought-after promotion you were looking for.

You’re going to learn everything there is to know about restricted grant acquisition and new business development, from a pro who has more than 20 years of grants experience and an average of $21 million dollars per year in successful fundraising.  These courses are especially useful in the context of non-profits working in international aid and development, in which thousands of non-profit organizations work around the world – but the principles of acquiring grants are universal.  Whether you’re in the private or non-profit sector, you’ll be able to use the principles and recommendations in our courses.
In this course series, we’re going to turn you into a highly attractive candidate for recruitment or promotion by non-profit organizations and, it will increase your chance of landing that high-paid job. 
In this first course, you’ll discover what grants are, how you can fully benefit from them, where you can find them within the wider international aid framework, how to better understand what donors are looking for in a grant recipient, and how you can find the ‘right’ donor for you.
These courses are designed to lead you on a capacity-building adventure, with the objective of training you on how to prepare your own Grants Strategy – without having to hire an expensive consultant. And with the completion of each course, you’re welcome to take advantage of my free 30-minute offer to speak to me directly, to get individualized guidance.
Look for the other courses after completing this one.  They are set up to be taken consecutively and to gradually build your capacity to become an expert in this sector.  It is my belief that by following the guidelines in these lectures, you can become a highly successful grants fund-raiser and become indispensable to the non-profit sector, where fund-raising is becoming more and more important.  It is one of the most sought-after skill sets in the non-profit sector and if you have your sites set on a career in that industry, then you’re going to want to learn everything you can about grants acquisition and put that front and centre on your resume.  In these courses, we start with the basics and work our way up to the more complex aspects of grant fund-raising.
These skills are being passed along from one of the industries leading grants specialists, with years of experience and success in raising funds from institutional donors, foundations and private donors alike.
See you on Your Grants Journey!

You will learn

✓ Define the types of Grants
✓ Knowing if you are ‘eligible’ for certain grants
✓ Explain the fundamentals of the international aid assistance framework
✓ Identify the right type of donor to approach for your project
✓ Knowing what being “Grant-Ready” means? And how to become grant-ready
✓ Learn how grants align with a typical project management cycle
✓ Understanding the 3 life-phases of a grant (Pre-Award, Award & Post-Award)
✓ Understanding the benefits and the down-side of securing restricted grants
✓ Know the difference between solicited grants and unsolicited grants
✓ Know the difference between restricted grants and unrestricted grants


• No prior grants experience is required to take this course

This course is for

• Fund raisers, new business development staff, grants acquisition staff, non-profit organizations, Non Governmental Organization staff, researchers, project managers
International Grants Acquisition and Compliance Specialist
Dr. Philip Tanner has been a leading grants acquisition and compliance Director for over 25 years.  He is President and Founder of The Grants House and has extensive experience on both the Grant-Maker and the Grant-Seeker side of grants.  His grant work includes some of the largest and visible grant-funded project globally, including the recent Central American Migration Programme awarded by the Prime Minister of Canada and, the highly acclaimed Rural Maintenance Programme (RMP), in Bangladesh, which won the Canadian Manufacturer’s award.

He has worked in the field of international relief and development for 30 years and brings a wealth of knowledge from the United Nations, CIDA/GAC, USAID, EU, and numerous Non-Profit Organizations around the world and has an impressive record of winning and implementing grant awards.

The Grants House is a global community platform of Grant-Makers and Seekers, coming together to provide capacity-building support on Grants Acquisition and Compliance to organizations everywhere.

Vision:  There are communities of practice everywhere – but very little for the grants professionals or those engaged with grants in different departments of organizations.  Dr. Tanner’s dream is to provide a community meeting place online, where individuals and organizations can meet to discuss challenges, successes and failures.  “By helping one another, we can reduce competition and help each other succeed in achieving the most important objective of grant-seeking:  to help alleviate poverty around the world and bring justice to the most marginalized.”

Through courses like these, Dr. Tanner shares his experience with organizations who are entering their Grants Journey or are well advanced already and need some support.  His courses are exemplary for organizations conducting grants orientation for new staff onboarding and, for those who are veteran grant-seekers looking to gain that additional competitive edge.

Every organization’s HR department will want to make these courses a mandatory part of their onboarding and orientation for new staff, whether they work in marketing, communications, finance, programmes – or a grants unit!  And every employee will want to be ahead of the game by being able to speak the language and ‘walk the talk’ of this highly competitive fund-raising sector.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 35m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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