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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive — Play Like a Pro

n0thing helps level up your CS:GO game sense, mechanics, strategies, and overall best practices for competitive play.
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Are you a regular CS:GO player but aren’t sure what you can do to reach a higher level of play? Are you curious about how CS:GO pros think when they play and practice? If so, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Play Like a Pro is your opportunity to learn skills and strategies from a seasoned professional, gain a deeper understanding of fundamental game concepts, and become a more well-rounded competitor.
My name is Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert and I’ve been playing Counter-Strike for 18 years, with the last decade of my career playing competitively with top-level teams such as Evil Geniuses in CS 1.6 and Cloud9 for the majority of CS:GO. During my time as a pro I spent at least a few days a week coaching individuals playing CS:GO at various levels. After multiple years of individual coaching, I found that teaching the community as a whole via my Twitch streams and YouTube videos was more effective in reaching many more people! I’ve wanted to create a course like this for awhile and have a collection of tips and tricks learned over my decade of competitive experience to share with aspiring CS:GO players. My goal is to help shape how you view and play the game, and in the end create more well rounded players out of everyone who takes this course.
This course is built for players familiar with CS:GO who aspire to play at a higher level. I will help you master various skills by providing lectures, in-game examples, and practical tips that apply to each topic. Specifically, this course will cover:
*Intro sections include background on myself and my journey to pro, before jumping into the following*
•Setting up CS:GO and finding the configuration that works for you
•Mastering game mechanics, including:
•Crosshair placement
•Recoil control
•Grenade usage
•Angles & positioning
•Communicating effectively and efficiently during the three round phases, Solo Q and team play
•Strategizing for early, mid, and late round play on both the CT and T side
•Developing a process-oriented attitude to continually practice, improve your game, and avoid “ladder anxiety” as well as getting down on yourself
•Utilizing offline servers to help practice outside “the game”
•Utilizing community servers (DM, Retake, Surf/KZ)
•Finding mentors and playing with/against better players
•Approaching individual practice for maximum improvement
You’ll also get your hands dirty in-game by completing the activities and drills provided in each section. While the lectures will cover my best practices and key concepts for playing CS:GO, the activities will be your chance to apply what you’ve learned and find what works best for you.
I know that this course will help you not only fine-tune your skills in-game, but also to develop the professional attitude and practice-focused mindset that got me to where I am today. By the end of this course, you will be prepared for competitive play no matter what level you started at. If you’re ready to start the journey to high-level CS:GO, enroll in this course today. Let’s have some fun!

You will learn

✓ Set up a configuration that works for YOU
✓ Master the mechanics of movement and gun control
✓ Identify the best communication styles for effective team play
✓ Excel at early round planning for both CT/T Side
✓ Master rotations and mid-round play
✓ Master late game and clutching concepts
✓ Explore ways to create your own game strategies
✓ Reflect on your own play in order to practice and develop your skills
✓ Cultivate a process-oriented attitude to foster consistent improvement
✓ Take responsibility for your own success in-game!


• Know your way around the maps in the competitive pool, understand the basic movement physics, and a basic understanding of shooting physics (you have to control the recoil!)
• Make sure CS:GO is installed and ready on your PC.

This course is for

• CS:GO players who are familiar with the game, but want to take their play to the next level.
• CS:GO players interested in learning key concepts, strategies, and practice tips from a pro.
Professional CS:GO Player
Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert is a professional CS player and internet personality. He has competed in the Counter-Strike franchise as a top North American for over a decade. In addition to competing, he has spent hundreds of hours teaching and doing workshops as well offering in-game information and entertainment on Twitch & YouTube teaching aspiring competitive players the best ways to approach the game.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 26m
Language: English
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