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Constructive Feedback: Manager’s Step-By-Step Guide

Learn the fundamentals and specific steps for providing constructive feedback to improve staff performance and behaviour
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The main focus of this course is a step by step guide for providing constructive feedback to staff as a means of addressing under-performance and/or behavioural issues.
Framing the prime focus of this training is an overview of additional leadership skills that build on constructive leadership abilities to help to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved:
•You will learn how important it is to be aware of, and work within the guidelines of, your company disciplinary policies.
•The course also gets you thinking about complimentary skills you should possess that will ensure you present your concerns in a non-biased, caring, and effective manner.
•This course offers an awareness of why constructive feedback is often ineffective and does not deliver the desired results.
•This training also touches on the importance of identifying the root cause of an issue, and not just dealing with the symptoms.
•Leaders sometimes delay providing feedback and there are a multitude of reasons as to why this might happen. You will be invited to do some self-analysis and consider whether any of these self imposed limitations might apply to you.
•This course is all about Constructive Feedback, designed to addresses performance areas or behavioural standards in need of improvement. It is an essential complement to Positive Feedback designed to reinforce desired behaviours and/or performance.
The course includes exercises that you are invited to complete so that you can test your knowledge and understanding, and there is also an Action Plan to keep you on track with ‘how and when’ you acknowledge your staff efforts and achievements.
Please note that this course offers a full 30-day money back guarantee.

You will learn

✓ You will be able to confidently follow the framework for delivering constructive feedback to staff.
✓ You will be able to effectively discuss performance and/or behavioural issues with staff.
✓ You will recognize why you sometimes delay providing feedback.
✓ You will understand where constructive feedback fits within the framework of progressive performance management.
✓ You will learn what the most common coaching pitfalls are the many managers fall into and that you need to avoid.
✓ You will be given a list of some of the most common core reasons for employee under-performance.
✓ Provide effective constructive feedback, and you will encourage effort, enhance performance, increase efficiency, reduce mistakes, and accelerate staff careers.
✓ PLEASE NOTE: the principles taught in this course are common practice in Australia, New Zealand, United States, and some other countries. Based on what country you work in, you may need to adapt some of the content to the common practices and requirements of that country.
✓ If you already have extensive experience in providing constructive feedback


• To qualify for this course you need to have staff that you manage, or aspire to be in a leadership position. Regardless of whether you have only one direct report, or many, the training in this course is equally applicable.

This course is for

• Middle management: managers – supervisors – team leaders.
• Employees who aspire to a management position.
• Managers in training.
• Anyone is a leadership position who needs/wants a refresher on how to provide effective constructive feedback.
• This course is not designed for: 1. leaders who already have extensive practical experience and knowledge in this area 2. Students who are not prepared to appreciate that they may need to adapt the recommended process to the work practices and rules of the country they work in.
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Silvia Wright-Davies is a Business Improvement Specialist, Performance Coach and a Trainer. 
Over her career life Silvia has been lucky enough to work in a number of different countries, own a number of diverse businesses, and have a highly successful business entrepreneur as an immediate family member and her mentor. This background has equipped Silvia with valuable knowledge and skills that she now shares with businesses owners, management and staff. 
Since 2000 Silvia has been training self employed business owners, and corporations both large and small throughout all of Australia and New Zealand. In 2010 she created the Centre for Achievement which provides online business skills courses for small to medium businesses and she is the author of numerous business improvement courses, including “Powering Ahead with Purpose and Passion”, “Pathway to Excellence” and “Pathway to Achievement”. 
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