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Construct & Deconstruct – Tips For Painting Expressively

In this class you will learn important technique to painting unique, expressive &amp abstract style artwork. This is an easy an easy exercise that will he...
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Table of contents


In this class you will learn important technique to painting unique, expressive & abstract style artwork. This is an easy an easy exercise that will help you develop your style & subjects. If you want to create exceptional art than you need tools that will help you get there – this is certainly one of them.

Who Is This For?

Anyone that desires to create paintings that aren’t boring & trite. Break away from traditional techniques & start painting art that’s infused with your personality & energy. It’s suited for all levels of artists from beginner to advanced.

Class Breakdown

I will demonstrate two methods of how to construct & deconstruct a simple composition using charcoal and acrylics. I’ve also included a bonus video on how I really deconstruct my subjects using mixed media.

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You will learn

Now it’s your turn to create your Construct & Deconstruct painting. You can try charcoal, and/or paint your subject using whatever medium you prefer. Remember to keep the subject and composition simple so that you can focus on the core lesson.

Have Fun! I look forward to seeing what you do.


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Christopher Greenwood has created 42 courses that got 5,323 reviews which are generally positive. Christopher Greenwood has taught 113,024 students and received a 4.3 average review out of 5,323 reviews. Depending on the information available, Christopher Greenwood is a TRUSTED instructor.
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Platform: Skillshare
Video: 33m
Language: English
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