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Complete, Ultimate Guide: Interpersonal Communication Skills

ALL IN ONE: Active listening, Effective Speaking, Body Language, Decision Making, Conflict Management, Negotiation
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One of the basic pillars for a successful life are our interpersonal communication skills. If we Master them, we can truly experience tremendous results in our personal and professional life.

– Have you ever experienced that you made the wrong decision and later felt regret about it?
– Did it happen to you that you could not handle a heated situation with another person well and it ended up undesirable?
– Have you ever felt awkward or embarrassed because your professional or loving partner didn’t want to listen to you? …and if it did listen to you, he/she misunderstood you?
– Were you in a situation where you wanted to get something during a discussion/negotiation from another person (like your employer, friend, parents, loved one, professional partners), but you could not reach your goal?
– Have you been deceived or misled by other people both in your personal or professional life?

Well, many of us experienced all the previously mentioned situations. Why? One reason for that is many of us didn’t take time to develop those skills which could prevent us from experiencing all those frustrating and depressing cases.

Would you like to find out more about those skills which could bring into your personal and professional life successes, happiness and abundance?

In these courses you will have the chance to learn about the basic interpersonal communication skills like, Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication, Conflict Resolution, Negotiation or Decision Making.

Learning about these pillars, exercising and mastering them in real life situations you will be able to:

– Make the best possible decisions both in your personal and your professional life.
– When you face a conflict with an individual, handle it in the best possible way.
– Communicate to people so they want to listen to you, understand you well and even are convinced by you!
– When you want to get advantages for you in a negotiation/discussion with your employer, loving partner, friends or others, reach your goals and desires by maintaining a fantastic relationship with the person.
– Spot any deceit or misleading attempt from anyone who you face in any real-life situation (like in your workplace, at home or any other place)

What else will you learn from the courses?
– Learn how to read people
– Learn how to understand others
– How to be more persuasive
– How to live a more stressful and peaceful life
– How to create and maintain nice relationships
– How to behave in order to gain your financial goals, boost your income
– What to do to be more expressive
– How to express and spot confidence, power, dominance, weakness, shyness, lie
– How to be admired, accepted, desired
– How to become a better communicator

In the courses video examples are built in order to enhance your understanding and to give you an uplifting, colorful experience. After each chapter you will find Chapter Summaries which further can assist you. BONUS lessons are built inside the program which could boost your skills and understanding in incredibly unique ways.

See you inside the courses! 

You will learn

✓ How to Speak so Others Want to Listen to You
✓ How to Listen Actively in Order to Become a Favorable and Likeable Individual
✓ Learn Body Language for Becoming a More Convincing Person
✓ How to Negotiate/Discuss with People for Getting the Best Results
✓ How to Manage Conflicts for Maintaining Peaceful and Respectful Relationships
✓ How to Make Decisions in Order to Minimize Risks, Losses and Maximize Gains


• Be open minded.
• Beginner english language.

This course is for

• This course is for people who want to succeed in their personal and professional lives.
Personal Development Enthusiast
Robert Kadar is a personal development enthusiast. He has been engaged in this subject since his childhood ( age 12 ). In those early years, he was involved in activities such as individual promotions or selling various products such as key chains, firecrackers or lighters to students or random people. It was there that informal learning about interactions, behaviors, and approaches between people began to develop. At that time, he experienced firsthand what worked and did not work with people, and also observed his fellow students’ behaviors and approaches to others.
Robert was not initially successful in different social interaction situations. Not knowing and therefore not applying the best possible principles for dealing with others or in life, he so often experienced failures, detrimental and shameful outcomes. Not understanding other people and not behaving properly, not making good decisions, not knowing how to manage and resolve conflicts, not knowing how to discuss a topic or apply the right way of thinking led to constant failures.
Later, meetings with various “coaches” – such as successful entrepreneurs or managers – opened his eyes to the knowledge of what can really have a huge positive impact on one’s life if applied correctly. When he experienced the benefits of personal growth and the application of interpersonal principles in real life situations, he wanted to take his knowledge to the next level. Therefore, he attended and completed a master’s degree program in communication and leadership.
What makes Robert’s knowledge and experiences really unique?
Ultra-Diverse Perspective. Why?
Well, because there were 3 years after graduating the university when he wanted to test all those principles which were taught by professionals, successful people or learned by himself from great professional sources like books. He went out into the real world and worked in many different roles, to name a few: assistant, advertising and marketing representative, bartender, waiter’s assistant, vice president of a non-governmental organization, receptionist, key account manager, entrepreneur, camp counselor, lifeguard, salesman, hotel lounge agent, construction worker’s assistant, area sales and merchandising representative.
For more than three years, he practiced and honed his training skills while training representatives who sold cell phone accessories at a globally recognized telecommunications company.
Working in these many roles helped Robert gain a broad and detailed picture of what drives people, why they behave the way they do in different areas of life, and how they do it. In addition, these experiences helped him better understand the importance of personal development.
Some conclusions from those experiences are:
– In all walks of life (whether as a bus driver, department head, student, mother, friend, etc.), the basic principles of interpersonal communication can be applied and used to succeed with people and in life.
– Open-mindedness to improve the quality of life, knowledge and experience is important.
– Flexibility and the ability to move in a positive direction are paramount.
– When you not only learn about failures, but also experience them yourself, you aren’t only informed about what you should or shouldn’t have done, but the experience of failure imprints itself on what you should or shouldn’t do. Therefore, the impact is greater, more lasting, and the chances are higher that one will apply the right principle, the right knowledge for the second time when confronted with a real situation.
Imagine a piece of uncut diamond. After it is mined, it has a strange or asymmetrical shape, right? After a lot of super hard processing, it will have the best, wonderful shape that we can see in pictures and jewelry stores.
We humans were born with certain skills and abilities. If we avoid challenging situations in life that deviate from the norm, we may not develop into our best possible shape/character.
So by experiencing and facing new, to some degree uncomfortable or difficult things that will have a positive long-term impact on our lives, we can evolve and create a better life for ourselves and for others.
All in all, Robert offers extremely practical knowledge in hopes that you will adopt the best possible principles to grow, create and maintain fantastic relationships, and improve your life and the lives of your loved ones.
Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 55m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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