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Complete Relationship Bootcamp for Couples

Based on Imago Theory this proven model Reduces Conflict, Increases Connection, and creates Forever Relationships!
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Course Description
Learn the theory, communication techniques, and exercises you will need to transform your relationship out of conflict and frustration, and into deep understanding and connection.
What you will Learn
•A new way to communicate.•Why you were attracted to one another. And it is not for the reasons that you think.•What is really happening in your brain. Understanding this will help you find true happiness.•How your Defenses protected you in childhood, but block you from connecting in your relationship today.•Why you are having Conflict. The purpose of your Conflict. And what you need to do instead.•How to solve the Greatest Mystery of your relationship. Once you learn this, everything will begin to fall into place.•The things you do when you feel stressed are the things that “trigger” your partner the most. (The Turtle and Tiger Dance.)•How to stop blaming your partner for the pain you experienced in childhood.•How the Compassion Dialogue can reveal your unconscious Growth and Healing blueprint that lives in the unconscious part of your mind.
Content and Overview
Have you ever wondered if the fights you’re having in your relationship could mean that you chose the wrong partner?
Perhaps you’ve been slipping into a HOT relationship, full of criticism and reactivity. Or maybe you’ve settled for a COLD relationship, where you live distant lives, lacking passion and intimacy.
Are you one of the 50 percent of Americans who are seriously thinking about divorce? If you answered YES to any of these questions, I want you to understand that breaking up is not inevitable. There is a solution.
In this course I’ll teach you what’s really happening in your relationship and what you can do about it. And if you are just beginning a relationship, this course will show you how to navigate through the Power Struggle when it hits during the next 2 years.
I’ll be teaching this course in a way that I hope you’ll find interesting. You won’t see my talking head. Instead, I’ve animated each video lesson with moving words and images. I hired a professional voiceover for the script and added music to keep you alert. I created 12 short videos (4-7 minutes) to break up the information into manageable chunks.
I’ve packed years of my professional experience (working with couples and presenting workshops) into each lesson. It is very important to follow these lessons in order. The material is complex so I start easy and end with a bang! You will benefit from watching these videos many times. I provide many exercises and handouts to support your work.
In last lesson you’ll witness a real couple using the Compassion Dialogue to unlock the mystery of a previous frustration that led to conflict. I added subtitles during the demonstration so you understand exactly where they are in the process. You can download the Compassion Dialogue script and follow along as well.
By the end of this course you understand your relationship journey from the moment you left the womb to your present day experiences. You will be able to identify your wounding and what you need to heal. You’ll discover what parts of yourself you gave up to survive in your family system. You’ll understand that you chose your partner specifically to teach you how to recover your Lost Parts. You’ll be able to communicate in a new way to reveal your unique relationship blueprint for growth and healing. And you will finally have a plan to divorce-proof your relationship, and give your partner the gift of forever.

You will learn

✓ Understand the hidden reasons you picked your partner. And by the way, they’re counterintuitive.
✓ Define why you’re having conflict, the purpose of your conflict, and what you need to do instead.
✓ Identify the defenses that protected you in childhood, but block you from connecting in your relationship today.
✓ Reconnect with the Lost Parts of yourself that you gave up after receiving negative feedback from your caretakers.
✓ Use the dialogue scripts to discover your hidden relationship blueprint for growth and healing.
✓ Modify your protective behaviors that cause your partner the most pain.


• Before you begin this course I’m going to invite you to clear your mind of everything you know and believe about your relationship. If you embrace this process with the mind of a beginner, you can take in new information that will improve the way you and your partner understand each other and act toward one another.

This course is for

• This course is appropriate for all couples in any stage of their relationship. However, couples in Stage 2, the Power Struggle, will benefit the most. This stage begins after about 24 months and can drag on for years because couples don’t understand what’s happening and what to do about it. Some people wonder if they made the wrong partner choice and choose to end their relationship, only to start the whole cycle over again with another partner. This course will give you the tools to understand why you chose one another. You’ll learn a new way to communicate that reveals your unique and hidden relationship blueprint for growth and healing. When you follow your blueprint you’ll move into Stage 3, Real Love.
• Couples who are new to one another will benefit as well. They will learn what to do when they reach the inevitable Power Struggle, thus shortening the duration of this stage.
• This course will act as primer for couples interested in starting counseling sessions or attending a couples workshop.
• Therapists will benefit from this course if they want to become a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist or if they want to enhance their knowledge of couples work.
• The relationship insights and tools I’ll be describing require safety, presence, and commitment. In particular, they won’t work if either you or your partner is having an ongoing affair, if either is actively addicted, if either has an untreated mental health challenge, or if there’s domestic violence. If you are caught in one of the above dynamics, you’ll need to get appropriate help and support before you can expect to make progress improving your relationship.
Licensed MFT and Certified Imago Couples Therapist
Ralph Butcher is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, Imago Workshop Presenter, and Consultant to other Therapists. Ralph’s specialty is helping couples understand their unique relationship blueprint by guiding them through their confusing maze of frustration and conflict. His unique approach helps couples restore connection and increase intimacy. Ralph is passionate about presenting couples workshops with his colleague where he brings his humor, knowledge, and ten years of stage acting to these live events. Ralph has lectured Internationally and has presented hundreds of couples workshops.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 11m
Language: English
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