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Complete Guide to Digital Marketing Secrets and Strategies

Powerful Digital Strategies & Tools to Create Highly Credible High Converting Online Presence for Your Online Growth
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Attention: Non-Techie Entrepreneurs
Acquire Your Digital Estate Now!
New World New Rules.
Time to Get Skilled Once again Especially Lingo of Digital World
Time to Increase Your Revenue from Online Sales, Have Credible Online Presence.
Go Online Grow Online – Learn Everything from Scratch.
Before Learning Digital Marketing Tools or outsourcing Your Digital Marketing Needs, As a business Owner you must understand the What, Why & How of the Online World.
There are many experts who can technically use & implement Digital Marketing Tools. But then Why Still Business 0wners don’t get quality leads or reduced Cost per Lead?
The answer is they Lack Powerful Digital Strategies which comes from Years of Experience, investing real money in campaigns, going deep and more importantly having great Business Acumen.
It’s important to Acquire Powerful, Proven, Time Tested Digital Marketing Strategies to get the necessary ROI of your Digital Marketing Spend across FB, Google Ads, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube Work
Learn 20+ Powerful & Effective Digital Strategies to Make FB, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube Work for You
Learn How to Create Your High-Converting & Credible Online Presence in Just 6 Hours
To Thrive in Business, Your Offline Business Must Have an Online Presence 2020 & Beyond!
Discover the Growth Secrets of TOP 10% Rocking Online Businesses
Take Your Business Online TODAY!
Get Skilled Now
Learn the Language of the Digital World as much as is necessary for you to Create & Accelerate your Online Presence
If you’re not Leveraging the Power of Internet-Technologies NOW for your Business, You’ll be soon Out of Business!

Grow DIGITAL Blueprint Online Course has Powerful Digital Strategies designed to Teach you How to take your Business Online Successfully & Cost-Effectively!

☑️There is NEVER Digital Lock down so your business is up & running anytime!
☑️Shops, Showrooms & Offices Need Social Distancing. Online Offices Don’t!
☑️Only Online Businesses Model will Survive & Thrive
☑️More than 500 Million+ Active online users in India
☑️68% shoppers Research online – Hence You Must have Credible Online Presence
☑️Reduction in Footfalls (Your Offline Shops, Showrooms & Offices)

Your website is your 24×7 sales person. Hence it should now be referred as your ONLINE OFFICE
Get that Online Office Address, Fully Furnished & Functional
Everything in the digital will ultimately revolve around your website.

Inside Grow Digital Course, Learn How to Create
☑️How to Create Rock-Solid Foundation
☑️ How to Re-innovate your Web Presence
☑️ Know & Apply the 8 Pieces of the Digital Puzzle?
☑️ How to Complete the Digital Puzzle to Create Massive Online Success
☑️ Apply 5 Core Pillars of Digital Marketing
☑️ Leveraged  Advanced Online Sales & Conversion Strategies
☑️ Apply Proven, Powerful, Time tested & Trending Digital Marketing Strategies
☑️ Reduce Your Learning Curve drastically with Top 5 Must have Digital Skills
☑️ Learn The 6 Powerful Component of Lead Generating Website (Online Office)

You will learn

✓ How to make the Digital Marketing World Work for Your Business with Powerful Digital Strategies
✓ How to Build Your Credible & High Converting Online Presence
✓ How to Build Your List and Generate Quality Leads from Your Online Presence 24/7/365
✓ How to Make Great Online Sales & Increase your Revenue 20% YOY
✓ How to Establish Your Authority in the Online World!
✓ How to Make Your Customers Your Brand Ambassadors
✓ 20 Most Powerful & Trending Digital Marketing Strategies


• Willingness to Learn & Take Actions ASAP
• Open to Transforming from Traditional ways of Doing Business to New Age Ways of Doing Business
• Ready to Let go of the Comfort Zone & Explore New Avenues
• Ready to Invest Your Time, Money & Resources towards Vertical Direction of Growth
• Finish the Entire Course by dedicating atleast 10min daily to Learn & Be in Action Taking Mode for getting Massive Results

This course is for

• Non Techie Entrepreneurs
• SME Business Owners Whose Web Presence is not giving any results
• Business Owners Who do not have any online presence
• Teachers/Trainers/Coaches/Consultant Who Want to Create Highly Credible & High Converting Online Presence
• Content Creators, You Tubers Who are not getting enough Followers / Subscribers
• Marketing & Sales team who want to generate Quality Leads Leveraging ONLINE Marketing Strategies
• Aspiring Entrepreneurs who want to get into Low cost Highly Profitable Online Business Models
Serial Entrepreneur | Author | Born to Speak & Inspire
26 yrs. of Business Expertise in Diverse Business | IT/Non-IT across B2B, B2C, D2C Products
16 yrs. Serial Entrepreneurship
10 yrs. Corporate Executive in Multi-Nationals
Revenue USD$20M+, Zero Debt Company
Team Size: 15-200
Corporate Clients 200+
Individuals’ lives touched significantly – 50K+
Media Coverage
Featured in CNBC TV | LiveMint | Yourstory | Enterprising Woman | CIOReview
How it Started?
At the age of 31, with two infants in my arms, I left my stable job without no other job in hand to start my first business as first-generation entrepreneur, followed by 6 other business between 2006-2017 thru which I was able to
– Provide high income job ready, global skills to hundreds of struggling job seekers from tier 2 and tier 3 cities in India
– Uplifted the lives of lower section of our society by creating opportunities
– Educated, Enabled & Empowered people to live a better-quality life via life hacks, mindset shifts & perspectives
– Mentored over 33K+ aspiring entrepreneurs (my List Size) to start/scale their business since 2017 with entrepreneurship mindset & skills.
What it took to be here today?
Year 1996-1999 | Post Graduation
I failed more than 20+ aptitude test of Corporate & 10+ direct interviews though being among so called toppers
Struggled to find right job that aligned with my talent & capabilities, while my friends were well-placed & even traveled to US, UK on Work Visa.
I felt stuck in life, I was both broke & broken at this stage of my life.
I felt so low about myself. I had disappointed my physically handicapped father who had so many expectations from me.
My mother who had been slogging since 1979 making meal boxes to earn some income so she can give us good education & better life as my father met with a road accident, hospitalized for 2 yrs. being on loss of pay and no other financial & family support (as they eloped and got married being from different caste, hence were outcast from the family)
I did not want to be a burden on my family as I was not able to get some decent income home and be a helping hand, I was turning 24…That was killing me from inside.
Year 1999-2006
Everyone deserves a little sunshine and I just needed one chance to prove myself.
Luck did shine upon me & I finally got into TCS in 1999.
Received various Performance Awards in my work life
Trained 80+ IITians fresher’s on how to become Productive & Performers
(I will spare you the stories of how I got the job and how I became a performer for now)
Then I started wondering? Why did I struggle to the find right job?
Was it problem with me or our education system or the hiring process?
My strength was
Observe, Absorb & Apply (Proactive & Detail Oriented)
Sense of Ownership & belonging
(Solution & Result Oriented, Mission Driven)
Abundance of Common Sense,
Apt Written & Verbal Communication
Do they count?
Life felts like a video game …
Level 1 crossed, Level 2 opens…
Year 2003-2006 | Office politics hits…
I received thank gifts for all my contribution to growing project in the form of lowest rating while i was on maternity leave twice.
That meant no recognition, no promotion, no growth – only stagnation, stress & unhappiness…
It also meant taking out all my anger & frustration on my family members.
I confess – i did that…
It seems I was too emotionally involved with my work.
Is that also a weakness?
Without emotions, i don’t feel human…
How can I contribute if I am not emotionally invested in my relationship with my employer along with my intelligence?
Year 2006-2017
Crisis times are opportunity times,
so my crisis time blossomed the budding entrepreneur within me.
With a 3 &1 yrs. old in my arms,
I left my job without anything in hand, I do have a appetite for taking risks in life. (Remember -That job for which I struggled to get-in at first place)
Some decisions don’t come easy – do they?
The conflict was between mind and heart…
A broken heart once again…
Transformation happens only when it hurts the most…
Don’t know if I wanted to prove something to my peers or myself, the quest for most & more from life led to my entrepreneurship journey.
I will spare you the stories of how, what & why of my 7 diverse business ventures in a period of 11 years from 2006-2017
Here’s the list
List of my Successful Ventures
2007 – Present | Meteonic Innovation Pvt Ltd – IT Consulting
2009 – Present | Kanika Jewels
2017 – Present | Social Ventures Solutions – Social Impact Products
List of my Failed/Closed Ventures
2008 – Talent Time (Hobby Studio) | Closed Now, No Profit/No Loss
2012- Food & Beverages | Sold at 10% profit
2013 – Luxury Gifting Boutique – Closed | No Profit/No Loss
2014 – Apparels Showroom – Hard Shut | Failed Business | Lost Quarter Millions
That’s Level 3 of the video game of my life.
As you keep crossing levels to go to higher levels, does the game become simple or more difficult?
Yup – no award for guessing that right…
After all the success I got on my personal benchmark,
Yeh dil maange more – This is truth, that which is brutal too (trust me)
Desire’s Fulfilled = Desire Upgraded
The next big Question I asked – What am I desiring from my life?
Call it mid-life crisis or depression zone or existential crisis,
Something still felt amiss /incomplete within. It was no longer material aspirations though.
It had something to do with my reason of existence.
I felt like a burden on the planet – simply breathing & not living!
Why am I alive? Why I exist in the first place?
Thought like those shook me deeply. I went into self-talk mode for months & couple of years.
This was level 4 and it was really going touch for me & my family.
Though for the world, I was super successful, some people even think – I have a fairy tale story, but deep inside, I felt a void which I could not express or explain or voice it out freely ( feared being judged and written off)
Some soul searching led to intersection of my Passion, Purpose & Products
1. Creation of a Technology product called GiGa (Give & Gain) giving Marketplace in 2016, shortlisted by Economic Times – Power of ideas amongst 2 lakh entries.
2. Speaking & Inspiring with my own experiential insights
A Struggling job seeker to serial entrepreneur to social entrepreneur, desiring to live a higher purpose by contributing to other’s life, I turned towards teaching.
Year 2017 Onwards
This is where level 5 of the videos game begins 2017 onwards.
I opened Pandora’s box of the coaching industry.
From how to convert my expertise to courses/programs to creating a personal brand as a solopreneur, discovering gaps in my skills, my own internal fears, my external growth blockers (like hurdles race),to learning the language of the digital & social media world, making tons of mistakes, leaking money bucket, no sales, no revenue…
It has been quite an adventurous journey.
So, working with over 33K+ Creators, I gathered deep insights & wisdom related to Pains of knowledge professionals and developed expertise in various solutions available for creators & knowledge professionals to go online & grow online.
Most upcoming platforms still don’t understand the customer side completely while building their products that could give them edge, customer retention & loyalty.
Does it ever get easy?
Level 6 of the game begins…story is unfolding
Platform: Udemy
Video: 6h 48m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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