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Drawing Course for BEINNERS , Art work and Sketches
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Welcome to art school . Easy drawing Course. You will learn drawing from basic to master class essentially. In an amazing way. Want to learn the highest quality and best drawing course? Are you afraid of drawing and white paper? Would you like to solve your drawing problems forever? Learn a basic drawing, and step-by-step Course.
I have discovered your needs and worry. For years I’ve been looking for the best drawing techniques. Drawing your job and skills will be increases. your business be more income. If you are a painter, illustrator, art teacher, designer architect, sculptor  in art work,  learning to drawing is very important. This course fulfills your dream of drawing skills. Here’s a structured outline of your progress.
I will guide you step by step to your goals in drawing. I know your needs. You are just a little worried and this Course will disappear your fear. Many workouts start from beginner level and train you to advanced level.  Learn how simple drawing method for anything. Body, landscape, animals, subjects, portrait, …
For anyone who wishes to draw. Any age and anywhere. Practice the course with understanding volumes. Spherical cylindrical cubes and cones. Everything is drew with these four volumes. I start with simple exercises. But do you believe that at the end of the course you can draw your own family photos with the techniques of this course? Yes, from simple lines and circles and ellipses to pictures of your own family. With four techniques and four steps I will teach you even a portrait of Lionel Messi. Good to see and analyze. Prepare your eyes and hands. Drawing will be easy.
Learn how to hold a pencil. Let go of past fears of white paper In the first step, you learn to release your senses by drawing lines. Just draw beautiful lines without thinking. I just want your hand and pencil dance. Unite your hands and your pencil. Like the leader of an orchestra. This is the figure technique. Figure’s method is to understand the generality and sense of the model. Draw your friend in just seconds. Yes in a few seconds.
enjoy. Rotate and draw objects in all directions. From dozens of different angles. This girl is dancing in ballet. Just the sense of girl. In the second method, you learn to draw the figures slowly with the contour method. Contour curves. Unlike the previous one, this method is slow but enjoyable. Draw with your eyes, not with pencils. Don’t look at the paper.
In the third way you learn to draw with proportions. Be careful like a ruler. Follow the millimetres. We discover the slopes and angles. Slope Angle Distance Scale. What is the importance of scale in drawing? The fourth way you learn is to draw a volume. Discover each topic in four major volumes. Spherical cylindrical cubes and cones. The objects are all made in four volumes. Even a bird. We practice rotating the volumes.
Combining volumes to make objects. No object is complicated because I will teach you analytics skills. Use the objects themselves instead of imagination and pictures. Draw the object in your hand. Accurate and close. Your eye and hand triangle should be strengthened. For this you can pass these master fundamental lessons.
You understand the intensity and direction of light shading. How is the shadow shape created? How does light dance on your hand? See technical notes and geometry of light and shadow. How does light shadow the volumetric collision? What is cast shadow and how is it created? Sunlight or artificial light? What is the highlight? How do shadows and objects affect each other? What do the cube and cylinder shades look like?
What are the shades of gray? Is it with thousands of dark and light? Not just three degrees of tonalities. Black and white gray. How light shades on fabric? Again three degrees on the cloth. Black and white gray. How do light or broken surfaces change light? Look at the glitter and shine of the glass. Practice sharp reflections on the glass. What is a hachure? Can shading be done ? Yes it is possible . Draw a portrait with a hachure. Draw eye shadow so that it looks real. The eyes are the most important and attractive part of man. The outline of the drawing is important so that the details are plotted correctly.
What is realistic drawing? Wait a while to practice the basics of shadow. Realistic drawing is the best step in shading. Understand the texture of objects. Learn the perspective with this simple course. Two important laws of perspective. Shorter and smaller when we are far from everything . Do you know what two-point and three-point perspectives have to do with drawing? Do you want to see the volumetric rotation again from a perspective? Understand the perspective by bringing things together.
With hundreds of varied and engaging exercises from real subjects. Fruit Basket for Exercises. Apple Pomegranate Lettuce Cucumber. Animals, humans, objects and a hundred excellent exercises. Everything you have is great for drawing. Papa Noel, Facial Components. Eyebrow nose eye lip hair.
Know the drawing tool. Of course draw with anything even a simple pencil. Because it’s important to feel, not the tool. In this course I will show you that feeling is more important. Even an old and pen. It matters how you feel and your hand pressure. Learn how to measure. Estimate the dimensions with a pencil or ruler. Let’s try different tools together.
Then analyze the mistakes in red. Analysis helps you find your mistakes and not repeat them in the next exercise. This mistakes will be solve step-by-step in this training. Be prepared with these four techniques. Take photos of the family and draw them . You can surprise them and give them your own beautiful drawing. And also to friends. Send me your workouts to see your progress and have a feedback.
learn. Be professional. Learn drawing skills and change your career and life. Follow the simple exercises of this course carefully. I’ll send you the answers to the questions. Change your mind about drawing. Become a beginner to a professional. This course is to your drawing needs. The content of this tutorial is easy to draw using the step-by-step method. Based on your goals. Draws your pencil with your hand and eye skill so break your fear right now.
About 10 hours and more than 100 lectures with 100 practices, master course in clear content. From beginner’s to advance. This is the most complete drawing course. No question asked money back guarantee. This course is created with nine hour 100 percent responsive help. Share this with your friends and groups.

You will learn

✓ Drawing from Basic
✓ Drawing tools
✓ Drawing 4 techniques
✓ Drawing mistakes


• Simple Pencil
• Simple Paperers
• Simple tools

This course is for

• Beginners
Designer an ART instructor
I am a designer an ART instructor. I advise you to learn drawing basically. In all the courses that I learn you, I will teach the basically of drawing. draw a face or a cube are same. My teaching method’s is from beginners to advanced. With a simple pencil or color. I try to emphasize the basic drawing. About PROPORTIONS. From whole to details. Your fears will be disappear. Your skills will be better.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 8h 53m
Language: English
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