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Complete Core Java for Testers+Interview Programs

Best course on Java Programming for complete beginners and automation testers.Helpful in learning selenium with Java
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One of a kind CoreJava Course that is 100% appropriate for individuals with no technical background or those who hasn’t done any programming in the past.This Course will allow the individuals to move to automation testing or in a devops career in no time as it covers ample topics and programs to get started .
This course contains seperate section for Java interview programs which will help you to crack coding round in Java Interview
##################No Previous Programming Experience Required######################
We believe that you have no programming background.If you have any prior experience in any other programming language  this course will make you an expert in Java in no time.But relax even if you haven’t coded before you are still at the right place
Tons of jobs are available in the Java Development ,Automation testing using selenium webdriver,IT Industry has huge number of vacancies in Java programming language.Its a must to know Java in today’s time.
This course is backed by udemy’s 30 day promise.If you don’t like the course you will get your money back.Furthermore you will get to keep all the code files
Join this course and take your first step in your Java Journey !!
Following Topics will be covered during this course—-
Java Basics,
Methods in java ,
Strings and examples related to them
Java loops and conditions
Code logics with practise example
OOPS concepts,Inheritance.polymorphism,Abstraction
Types of Interfaces,
Function overloading and overriding,
Constructors and their usage,
Super and this keywords usage,
Arrays and MultiDimensional arrays,
Arrays examples,
Types of exceptions,
Try catch finally Mechanism,
Java collections,
ArrayList , Set, List, Linked list
Date and calendar classes and many more !!

You will learn

✓ You will get comprehensive knowledge of Java Programming
✓ After this course you will have clear understanding of OOPS concepts
✓ You will be able to write programmatic logic for any problem given in java
✓ Vital Core Java Concepts and Pratical sessions to make you learn java programming quickly.
✓ Deeper understanding of important concepts such as Exception Handling, Collections ,Functions and Methods etc
✓ New to programming background ?? No Problem ,This course covers coding concepts from scratch.
✓ You will be confident to clear test automation interviews
✓ Perfect course for manual testers who wish to switch to automation testing.
✓ Broad coverage of Java Concepts to become an expert in Selenium using Java
✓ Get a deeper understanding of advanced and basic java concepts
✓ Data Structures in Java
✓ Updated Java 8 Date and Time Operations.
✓ Exception Handling in Java
✓ Working with Text and Excel File in Java


• Laptop or a Personal Computer with Internet Connection

This course is for

• Beginners with no prior programming experience
• QA professionals looking to start career in Test Automation
• Experienced Programmers having experience in other language who wants to learn Java
• Testing professionals who are looking forward to move to DevOps
Courses Made from Massive Industrial Experience
Hello Everyone,
We are Tech Planet having more than 11 years of Industrial Experience and still going, on the basis of what we have learned throughout my career we are here to design some courses to help out my fellow engineers.
We have expertise on technologies such as java, javascript,automation  tools such as selenium webdriver, TestNg,API Testing,Automated API Testing,Rest Assured,AWS cloud formation,CI/CD tools such as Bamboo,Version control systems such as Git,SVN etc.Build tools such as Maven and Gradle .
Throughout my career i have worked for many financial banks,e-commerce platforms etc.I will try my level best to deliver the best out of my experience in these courses.So that you can get maximum benefit from these courses.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 8h 8m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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