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Complete 7 Trading Principles Forex Trading Course for 2022

Exploring the 7 aspects of markets & how to use them to your advantage
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 6h 33m
Language: English
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Table of contents


– A look into life, marketplaces & trading
– Exploring the 7 aspects of markets & how to use them to your advantage
– 1.Psychology, 2. Supply & Demand, 3.Structure, 4.Highs & Lows, 5.Trends, 6.Time, 7.Investors & Price
– TPA trading guide of the 7 principles to finding a good risk to reward ratios
(risk less to gain more)
– How to build rules for success in life’s marketplaces
– 10 Educational videos with instructions
– A focus on trading, understanding, & risk/rewards
– Simplicities finest
– Comes with risk manager trading indicator for MT4
– Comes with NO MENTORSHIP
(Get the 1st Degree for mentorship & 1-1 Trading Calls)
-Giving you a new perspective on trading & risks

-Trading Guide

-Teaches you how to scalp, intraday & swing trade

-Simple beginner to advanced content
Mindset: We must have a plan in mind as to not get swayed in and out of trades
unreasonably, a plan as to understand that we may lose traders but this does not
negatively impact us. We have a solid and sound plan that we are always working
Money Management: In our calculations, the risk to reward + win rate percentage
must equal a positive number to any type of profit. The results must come from 10+
trades used as a sample/test to get these results. Even after placing “good” trades,
we must manage them as to not make a winner turn into a loser because of poor
trade management.
Home to simple yet effective trading methods for ANY market

Using price action, structure, and support & resistances in the right direction

Let us help you build your trading plan
Join Our Community!
-Progress With Every Step-

You will learn

✓ Investing
✓ Financial literacy
✓ Trading
✓ Forex
✓ Prices
✓ Market Movements
✓ Stock trading
✓ Technical analysis
✓ Options Trading
✓ Day Trading


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This course is for

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• Money
• Finance
• Trading
• Investing
• Forex
• Market Movements
• Day Trading
• Options Trading
• Technical analysis
• Stock trading
Forex Trader
My 3-year forex journey had finally paid off when I started to get consistent profits. I spent the next year perfecting my craft until I could trade as my full-time job. Now that I am here, I wish to share the information I have gained and used to profit in the financial markets because I want to change your life situations, your environments, and finances to help give you the luxuries that you want; yet, all while realizing nothing is too far out of reach. All you need is to never give up. You can’t cheat life. You can’t cheat time. You can’t cheat effort.
Platform: Udemy
Video: 6h 33m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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