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Communications in the Supply Chain

A practical examination of the communication process within the modern Supply Chain & Logistics.
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Important notes:
Current promotional price is $29, but will increase to $149 New lectures and updates Support Good communications is about developing image, reputation, credibility and authority. It influences opinion and behaviour all organisations have to communicate.
They have no choice.
They must influence all those groups around them, upon which their success relies, by the projection of their actions and reactions.
Manufactures, producers, retailers, suppliers all have to make sure their messages are communicated consistently and coherently to every audience both inside and outside of the business.
Development of a strong brand positions a range of products and services a company brings to the market. It conveys the value of the company.
Branding is increasingly important where product differentiation is less easy to establish. The rise of social media and technology and the ability to deal direct with the end consumer, is generating significant complexity in the supply chain.
As today’s consumers have been conditioned by multiple industries, to expect personalised interactions across different channels.
It is all about customer connectivity. Omnichannel retailing has created multiple sales opportunities for retailers. Simultaneously it is creating havoc in their operating model and upstream supply chains, whilst they attempt to integrate the e-commerce purchasing volumes. Allowing them to develop the buy-anywhere-fulfil anywhere and return anywhere retail consumer experience.
This course provides a practical examination of the communication process within the modern SC&L.

You will learn

✓ You will understand the communication of Social Media has evolved into more than just another advertising channel for retailers, within the Supply Chain
✓ You will appreciate the need for the development and the ability to communicate with communities is central to understanding the implications of supply within the new demand chain
✓ You will grasp the ramifications on to the supply chain with the emergence and development of multi-channel retailing
✓ You will comprehend how the development of e-commerce has added significant complexity to the Supply Chain, through multiple communication channels
✓ You will realise the extent in which open, transparent communications in the supply chain, is driving extreme volatility in demand forecasting
✓ You will recognise the world is moving into e-relationships between; manufacture, producer, supplier, retailer and consumer and the impact this has on the supply chain and logistics
✓ You will understand communications within the supply chain and logistics is now a measurable commodity in terms of performance management
✓ measurable commodity in terms of performance management You will appreciate that instant communication is now interrupting established business models, with new technology


• Students will only require access to a modern PC /Laptop/Tablet to engage for this course. The course has been design with practicality in mind. It does not matter if you are a season professional and or just embarking on your Supply Chain and Logistics Career.

This course is for

• This course is applicable to anyone who operates in; procurement, planning, operations, warehouse, distribution, wholesale, third party logistics and or undertaking academic studies. At whatever level you are operating, you will take away positive knowledge that you can use at your place of work or studies.
• This course presents a framework in understanding how communications allied with new technology is impacting on the supply chain & logistics. Students will gain a detailed insight of the key communications that are driving increased complexity throughout the end-to-end supply chain.
• This course focuses and delivers real time experience on multiple functions within complex operations, which is being impacted and exacerbated by the integration of multi-channel communications in social media assisted with increasingly new powerful consumer friendly technology.
• This course is providing the student with a practical understanding of the key communication issues and challenges multiple stakeholders in the Supply Chain & Logistic face on a daily basis.
• Students will only require access to a modern PC /Laptop/Tablet to engage for this course. The course has been design with practicality in mind. It does not matter if you are a season professional and or just embarking on your Supply Chain and Logistics Career.
Supply Chain and Logistics Career Professional
Professionally: My career is rooted in the supply chain and logistics (“SC&L”), specifically within Third Party Logistics (“3PL”) supporting various market verticals; pharmaceutical, grocery retail, apparel, health, paper, technology manufacturing, and general goods. Including very large warehouse management, inventory, shipping and distribution. I have held very senior roles including; commercial, operations, and solution engineering design and account director, for international SC&L operations supporting global brands. 5 years ago I started my own consultancy – the catalyst for change was to help individuals, companies and organisations deal with the dynamic complexity within the SC&L. I have a strong interest in Systems, Process and Communications in SC&L.
I see continuity and change as a ‘constant’ feature in SC&L. Where conventional forecasting, planning, and analysing methods struggle to deal with the industry’s increasing complexity, brought about by the advance in today’s new media and technology. I have published various trade papers and regularly appears as a speaker for events. I also provides public and in-house certificated training courses for international training companies.
Personally: My infectious enthusiasm sustained by a large engine that drives my desire to constantly improve people, systems, processes and cost to serve in SC&L. Having worked across cultures and countries, I have developed a highly effective operational antenna and communications tool-set. I believe that most people go to work in SC&L want to do well. Often low self-confidence and or lack of employee esteem is more often a result of poor and or inadequate training, knowledge, skills and local leadership. Allied to the preservation of traditional operational orthodox systems and processes, anchored within a rigid silo driven hierarchy. Most people, I believe, who exist in such organisations, see themselves within a business system over which they have little influence. They tend to see their responsibilities as limited to the boundaries of their position or function. In today’s technology advanced SC&L is reeling from the impact of “Disintermediation of Information”, and is having far reaching consequences, within organisational structures and real-time operational processes. I’m now committed to consulting, advising, supporting, training, mentoring, and educating the most treasured of all company assets…Its people.
Nigel’s Mission:Within the SC&L industry all too often, team leaders, supervisors, junior and senior managers including executive boards, seek only to repair or ameliorate the symptoms of operational / commercial failure. This short term reprieve inevitably develops in to a longer term volatile issues. My mission through my on-line training programs is to simply aid the practical knowledge and learning experience for those engaged in the SC&L operations. That meaningfully advances individual and team knowledge in real time on their execution of systems, processes, cost to serve, and operations management wherever people work in the SC&L.
What I believe: My operational strap line is“if you know your numbers, you know your business”. As today’s global society’s move increasingly to a transactional economy, this can tend to reinforce individualistic cultures operating within SC&L organisations. Whenever a company or an aspect of the operation fails, people are inclined to point to specific events to explain the “causes” of non-compliance; product problems, inept managers, loss of key people, poor distribution, unexpected unplanned aggressive completion, loss of loan facilities and business downturns etc. I believe the SC&L industry is now more about horizontal growth and interdependent interconnected processes, functions, management and leadership. My courses are expressively designed to explore all these issues.
What will the students glean from Nigel:The constant repetitive commercial and operational issues crystallised my thinking in that I wanted to share, my practical, commercial and operational knowledge for the next generation of SC&L professionals. All my courses are populated with useful practical tips amassed over many years, which will help the students in their modern day workplace. Today’s problems have been created by yesterday’s solutions……. Technology is advancing but the SC&L industry appears to repeat the same mistakes. My advice will help students navigate the pitfalls.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 49m
Language: English
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