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Color Mixing Course in Acrylics & Oil Paints

Complete Color Mixing Course For Acrylic Painting & Oil Painting - Understand how to mix color in acrylics and oils
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This Color Mixing Course in Oils or Acrylic Paints is designed for beginners to intermediate artists with a desire to learn more about color and how to mix it. Color mixing is an essential skill for all artists and it does not matter if you are a complete beginner or someone with some experience, if you don’t understand color and color mixing you won’t get very far with your artwork.
In the Color Mixing Course you will learn how to get started with color and color mixing. You will learn simple techniques for understanding color and the key elements of color that go into making a great painting. It’s something that Master artists do intuitively and its a skill you can learn today when you enroll.
This course is designed for beginners who have never picked up a brush before, through to intermediate level artists who are looking to gain a greater understanding of color and the color mixing process.
Covered in the course are key elements in understanding and using color effectively including:
* Understanding the Primary Colors and Color Wheel
* How to mix Primary Colors and create a Color Chart
* Use of a Palette to match what you are painting eg Landscape Palette
* Understanding Values and How To Mix a Values Scale
* The major role that Color Temperature plays in your painting
* Learn to use Saturation of Color and Grey’s to great effect
* How to Mix Greys
* How To Mix A Huge Range of Greens
* Expanding to an Advanced Palette
* Plus so much more.
The course is taught in Arylics so you will learn various acrylic painting techniques and how they apply to color mixing. It could be easily taken in oils as well.
Once you master the ideas in this Color Mixing Course you will be able to apply the ideas directly to your own painting and start producing greatly improved paintings that will amaze yourself and your friends and family.
Let’s get started today on learning all about Color and Color Mixing. Enroll in the Color Mixing Course right now.
Rod Moore of Moore Art School has taught hundreds of students in one day art classes and more than 15,000 students globally through our online courses. He is a highly regarded teacher who has helped thousands of beginners start to paint. He is the creator of the Moore Method of Painting and the star of 2 TV shows broadcast in Australia & New Zealand.

You will learn

✓ Understand The Primary Colours
✓ Different Palettes – Learn About Landscape Palette
✓ Complete Colour Charts To Further Your Knowledge
✓ Learn About Colour Temperature – Warm & Cool Colours
✓ Discover the Importance of Saturation
✓ How To Mix & Use Greys For More Realism
✓ Understand Aerial Perspective
✓ How To Mix Greens
✓ Working With An Advanced Split Primary Palette
✓ And so much more


• No Prerequisites
• Suitable for all Oil & Acrylic Painting
• Principles Apply To Watercolour Artists (Demos in oils & acrylics)

This course is for

• All Artists Who Want To Understand Colour & How To Mix It
• Beginners Looking to Understand Colour
• Intermediate Artists Who Want More Knowledge on Colour & Colour Mixing
Best Selling Instructor, Artist & Art Teacher
Rod Moore is the founder of the Learn To Paint Academy and the creator of the Moore Method of Painting. He has taught hundreds of students to paint in his one day workshops and more then 25,000 globally through his online courses on learning to paint.
Living in Noosa, Queensland Rod draws his inspiration from the natural beauty of the amazing coast and beaches he is surrounded by, and the breathtaking beauty of the hinterland region.
Rod is the creator and star of two TV shows, Plein Air Painting TV and Yes You Can Paint both 13 episodes. The TV shows have been broadcast around Australia and New Zealand and have been extremely popular with those wanting to learn to paint.
Every week Rod publishes the popular Learn To Paint TV show online. You can find the show by googling it. When you are at the website make sure you sign up for the Learn To Paint course as well. 
He is a full time artist. art teacher and author and inspirational speaker. His passion is for helping beginners enjoy the magic in learning how to paint.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 5h 21m
Language: English
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