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Coiling & Wrapping Concepts in Jiang Baguazhang

Continuation and Practical Application of Training Methods Using Jiang Palm Structures
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Continuing with discussion and practical applications of the remaining four Jiang Baguazhang Qigong palm structures to understand and practice coiling and wrapping of the body. Training tips for learning and practicing short power and jin using the palm structures are also included. A short review is provided in the introduction video.

You will learn

✓ A continuation in learning coiling and wrapping in the palm structures of the Jiang Baguazhang system.


• An understanding of the basics taught in the previous lessons is recommended.

This course is for

• Intermediate and Advanced
Movement Mastery with Qigong – Awareness Specialist
A Yoga enthusiast since the age of four, Sifu Kelly Whelan-Enns has studied and trained in Qigong and Eastern physical and meditation disciplines since before 1989. Growing up with chronic asthma that landed him in the hospital on numerous occasions, his interest in the healing arts began at a very young age. 
In 1983, at the age of eight, Kelly began training in western boxing and Japanese Judo. 1989 was the year year Sifu Kelly learned his first formal set of qigong the Eight Pieces of Brocade – and never looked back. 
In 1992 Kelly began studying Kenpo Karate, and Yang Style Taijiquan. 
In 2002, he began the physical study of Baguazhang and Yiquan. In 2003 he began studying Chen style Taijiquan and Henan Xingyiquan Lui He Quan through Eric Tuttle. 
In 2004, Kelly received STOTT Pilates Instructor training. 
In 2013, after years of playing around with Escrima, Kelly trained at the famous Cacoy Doces Pares HQ in Cebu, Philippines. He now offers basics classes in this amazing traditional Philippino art. His teacher in Cebu at the Doce Pares HQ was Chuck Canete.
Sifu Kelly has trained extensively in Jiang style Baguazhang alongside Gao and Yin Fu styles. He currently trains in and teaches the rare Ma Gui style of Baguazhang and teaches Women’s Self Defence classes incorporating drills from Taijiquan, Xingyi Liu He Quan and Baguazhang.
Sifu Kelly’s current teacher is Andrea Falk. 
His past teachers include Eric Tuttle, Zhonghua Chen, Mike Bagwell and Phillip Chan, a student of Lee Yng Arn and Chuck Canete of Doce Pares HQ in Cebu.
Before learning Qigong, Sifu Whelan-Enns was severely hypoglycemic, had asthma, bronchitis, and many food allergies.
Training. practice and teaching time since the first Wudang Qigong workshop in Winnipeg, Manitoba exceeds 30,000+ hours. Kelly has been teaching publicly for over 15 years.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 57m
Language: English
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