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Cocktails 101: Home Bartending & Mixology by Tipsy Bartender

With an audience of 35+ million fans, the most popular bartender in the world teaches you to mix up drinks like a pro!
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For the first time ever, Tipsy Bartender reveals the secrets to mixing up cocktails like a pro! Whether you’re on the lookout for easy recipes to memorize or a more comprehensive guide to mixology, these 13 video lessons will give you the bartending confidence & skills you need to mix up delicious cocktails – no matter what you have to work with!
Yes, the world of alcohol can be complex & intimidating – but it doesn’t have to be.
After creating hundreds of original cocktail recipes, I can confidently say that making drinks comes down to a few basic skills & concepts– ALL of which you’ll learn this course! NOTE: Want the course for less? Cocktails 101 is currently available on my website for $47.
In just a few hours, you’ll have the tools you need to whip up camera-ready cocktails, impress your date & bring any party to life – with or without a recipe!

Tipsy Bartender’s Online Home Bartending Class includes:
•13 easy-to-follow video lessons
•Bartending basics, tools, skills & lingo
•The “5 Steps” to make ANY drink
•Mixology: the secrets of flavor pairing
•Liquor 101: navigating any liquor aisle, bar or cocktail menu
•Mind-blowing party tricks & pro-tips
•Common mistakes & how to avoid them
. . . and everything you need to know to mix up insanely delicious cocktails using everyday ingredients!

Liquor. Cocktails. Bartending Confidence. This ultimate video guide teaches you the simple skills, secret hacks, & pro-tips to navigate any bar and mix cocktails with style.

1. Introduction: The 5 Steps To Make Any Drink
2. Liquor 101: Building A Cocktail & Flavor Pairing
3. Bar Tools, Lingo & Glasses
4. Clear Ice (…And Why It Matters!)
5. Chill & Dilute: The 5 Types of Ice
6. Measure & Pour Like A Pro
7. How to Stir: When & Why
8. How To Shake: When & Why
9. Let’s Get Muddling
10. Sweet & Sour, Simple Syrup & Other Sweeteners
11. How To Layer Cocktails
12. Presentation: The Garnish
13. Test Your Skills: Classic & Party Cocktails

This course is perfect for…

The Casual Drinker: Mixing cocktails is the ultimate social skill! Learn your way around the bar & how mastering simple tricks – like pouring a layered drink – will make you the life of the party. (Plus, it’s perfect for date night! *wink wink*)

The “I’m spending WAY too much money on alcohol” Drinker: Going out is expensive. I’ll show you how to recreate $15 cocktails at a fraction of the price. Make any hour happy hour when you learn to whip up show-stopping cocktails using everyday ingredients.

The Drinker Who Wants to Learn More About Liquor: Tired of ordering “safe drinks” when you go out? Soon, you’ll be able to confidently order any drink – with or without a menu – because you’ll know your stuff!

Party People!: Make your next party one to remember! Well, your friends might not because of all the cocktails you made them 😉 We’ll cover what you need for the perfect home bar setup & the skills to make party classics on-demand.

In this course…
•We’ll break down cocktail making into 5 simple steps you can easily learn, carry with you & use to make any drink!
•Understand mixology, the science behind flavor pairing and how to create your own drink recipes from scratch.
•Navigating the liquor aisle & ordering drinks will never be the same! You’ll look at a cocktail menu, understand it & get an idea of how each drink might taste.
•Making a punch bowl or jungle juice? Here’s the number one way almost everyone screws it up (…and what to do instead)!
•Shock your friends or hot date when you effortlessly mix up delicious & impressive drinks – no matter the occasion or what you have to work with!
•Know what a drink is going to taste like even before you make it (and exactly what pairs well with what so you can create your own picture perfect cocktails at home)
•Understand what your bartender is doing when they make your drink & communicate in “bar speak”
•Know enough about liquor & cocktails to be prepared for any social situation or conversation…maybe even show off a little 😉
•Learn to garnish like a pro & quickly go from “the person pouring drinks” to the hot shot mixing up cocktails like a boss!

You will learn

✓ Liquor 101: when & how to mix your booze
✓ The “5 Steps” to make any drink
✓ Creative mixology, flavor pairing & how to create cocktails from scratch
✓ Bartending basics, tools, skills & lingo
✓ Secret hacks & pro-tips to navigate any bar & mix cocktails with style
✓ Easily mix up show-stopping cocktails using everyday ingredients
✓ Embarrassing mistakes & how to avoid them
✓ Mind-blowing party tricks & 5-star cocktails to share with friends & family
✓ Want the course for less? Cocktails 101 is currently available on my website for $47.
✓ All you need for a perfect home bar setup & the skills to make party classics on-demand
✓ 9 garnishing techniques to get your drinks camera-ready


• No existing bartending or alcohol knowledge is required.
• Students are encouraged to obtain bartending tools to practice skills but we’ll cover handy substitutes – I promise, your drinks will taste JUST as good!
• This course does not require the purchase or consumption of alcohol. All individuals wishing to drink alcohol must be of legal age where they reside.

This course is for

• Casual drinkers & party goers who want to confidently mix up delicious cocktails for friends & family.
• Novice bartenders, mixologists & servers wanting to fully develop their knowledge.
• Creative types looking to master a new craft and hobby.
• Ideal for alcohol enthusiasts looking to create professional quality cocktails at home.
• Anyone interested in cocktails, mixology, bartending or alcohol in general!
The most watched bartender of all time!
Tipsy Bartender has created over 2,000 signature drink recipes and currently has an audience of over 35 million followers across Facebook, Instagram & YouTube. Skyy John is Tipsy Bartender’s creator & host. An actor & bartender from the Bahamas, Skyy started filming crazy drinks & posting DIY-style videos online. Ten years later, this massive taste for creativity morphed into the #1 bartending show in the world.
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