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Clown for fun and profit: Learning the art of clowning

Learn the art of being a clown from make up to personality to performance. Whether just for fun or professionally
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Have you ever had a dream of running off and joining the circus?
Do you like hearing people laughing at your antics?
Do you have a desire make other people happy?
Then maybe you should think about the art of clowning. It is an art and takes years of practice to perfect. You can’t just go to the Halloween store buy some face paint throw on your pajamas and be a clown. That is not a clown.
This course is structured to get you on your way to becoming a clown. No matter if you clown for fun or profit a clown is always representing the entire profession whether your niche is birthday parties, parades/fairs or visiting hospitals and nursing homes.
A clown is a professional entertainer and it takes work and effort to do it correct. Everyone can spot a “real” clown versus an amateur in a wig. This course teaches about being a “real” clown, what supplies you need, how you conduct yourself. We will cover types of clowns how they act and interact with people. We will talk about how YOU can pick your clown outfit(s), wig, make up and clown personality.
From here we will cover how to actually clown by talking about balloon twisting and the use of props and types of props you can use in your clown act.
We will discuss major topics in the clown community such as rules to be a professional clown and how to act professionally and appropriately. We will talk about the bad wrap that clowns can get from Hollywood movies and how you can avoid falling into that stereotype.
The last part of the course is will be all about professional development. This covers the topics of honing your craft by getting involved with other clowns in the community through clown alleys and conventions both on the local, regional and national level. This will also give personal tips on clowning in particular situations such as parades, hospitals and birthday parties.

You will learn

✓ Understading a brief history of clowns, types of clowns and type of clown work
✓ Understanding a appling clown make up
✓ Picking a wig and clown outfit
✓ Finding your clowns personality
✓ Types of props and make your own props
✓ Practical advise on what to the dos and don'ts when you are a clown
✓ Business side of clowning: finding work as a clown and tips on working as a clown
✓ Developing your skills: finding local resources to go further in the profession


• Ablity to make fun of yourself
• Sense of humor
• A passion for makeing people laugh

This course is for

• Anyone interesting in learning more about the art of clowning
• Anyone who has ever dream of running away with the circus
• Anyone who has an interest in making people smile
• Anyone
Oodles the Clown
My interest in clowning began when I was in child. The clown was a larger than life figure that commanded the audience and made them laugh. After college I pursued learning to be a clown. I have been doing clowning for over 10 years mostly locally. Though I am not as active as I was when I started, I am still interested in the clowning profession and looking at passing on the profession to a new generation of clowns. Most of my work now is more of a hobby and doing more caring clowning than paid gigs. I get the most out of clowning being a caring clown, visiting nursing homes and hospitals. I also enjoy large group clown activities such as parades or community fairs.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 16m
Language: English
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